Aquamarine Crystal: Meaning, Benefits and Healing Properties

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Serene and tranquil as the sea—that’s what aquamarine is known for. But what can the “sea water stone” bring to those who wear it?

In this guide, find out how the ocean-like energy of the aquamarine crystal can help you in your everyday life. Learn about its meaning, properties, and benefits that make it a worthwhile stone to own as a piece of jewelry.

Aquamarine Meaning

In Latin, aquamarine literally means “water of the sea.” As such, its meaning centers around the qualities of the sea—soothing, exhilarating, and rejuvenating.

Aquamarine channels the relaxing energy of the ocean, easing worries and bringing inner peace to its owner. This blue-green gem makes for an excellent emotional support stone, soothing unpleasant emotions such as traumas, fears, and phobias.

By inspiring tranquil effects, this crystal is also great for your spiritual needs. It’s an ideal stone to keep you centered and grounded, best used during meditation and other spiritual practices.

The stone is also considered a stone of happiness and eternal youth, originating from the exhilarating and rejuvenating qualities of the ocean.

Legend and History

In ancient times, people believed that aquamarine is a treasure of mermaids. Seafarers and sailors would journey through vast waters carrying the gemstone because they thought it would protect them against misfortunes at sea.

The stone was also thought to help overcome the fear of water as well as offer good luck to those who carry it.

In old Rome, lovers would exchange aquamarine jewelry to inspire true love instead of lust. This is because aquamarine stones are also known for encouraging truthfulness and integrity.

Aquamarine Properties

Physical Properties

Aquamarine, like the emerald, belongs to the family of beryl. It is known for its blue-green color and its clear-to-opaque appearance.

When it comes to hardness, Aquamarine is very much like the emerald. It has a 7.5-8 hardness on the Mohs Scale, which makes it a tough stone to break compared to other crystals.

Since this sea water stone can be found in many countries such as Russia, India, Madagascar, and Brazil, it is generally affordable. However, aquamarine in deeper shades of blue can be pricier than the usual color.

Metaphysical Properties

Harnessing the peaceful energy of the sea, aquamarine is often used to soothe the mind, body, and spirit. It is the go-to stone for calming one’s emotions during tense situations.

It is also used to bring a joyful sense of harmony just like the playful splashes of sea water.

And just like how reinvigorating the sea is, the aquamarine gemstone is also believed to inspire anti-aging effects for eternal youth.


Healing Properties

Due to its metaphysical properties, aquamarine is also used in physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

As a crystal associated with water, aquamarine is believed to have a cooling effect on the body. Thus, it is often used to ease inflammation as well as conditions concerning the throat.

Many believe that the sea water stone also aids in overcoming emotional problems such as childhood traumas and irrational fears thanks to its calming quality of energy. It is also said to reduce stress and worries caused by overthinking.

Spiritual-wise, the aquamarine stone helps you enter a state of meditation by clearing the mind and bringing you inner peace.


Chakra Properties

Aquamarine works with the throat and heart chakras. The throat chakra governs our ability to communicate while the heart chakra rules our feelings of compassion and love.

The stone’s connection to the two chakra points allows us to communicate more clearly and foster positive interactions with other people.

Because it allows the free flow of energy from the heart to the throat, it also helps you speak the deepest and heartfelt truth.


Feng Shui Properties

Aquamarine is associated with the Water energy. It is used to purify spaces and your body energy, transforming negativity into a healing kind.

The energy of still water also encourages calm in one’s surroundings. This makes aquamarine an excellent stone for bringing peace into any space.

Placing blue crystals in the north sector of the house is also said to aid you in the work and career aspects of your life.

Aquamarine Benefits

Soothe unpleasant emotions

As a stone of peace, the aquamarine stone is primarily used to soothe one’s self. Just like how we immediately offer a glass of water to someone who had an unpleasant experience, this blue-green stone provides gentle energy that calms intense emotions.

It’s an excellent healing stone to those who’ve been through traumatic situations, or simply when your emotions are running high. Its tranquil aura also helps clear self-doubts, stress, and anxiety.

Improve communication

Because of its connection to the throat chakra, the aquamarine stone also helps you become a better communicator.

When our throat chakra is blocked or misaligned, it can compromise our ability to communicate. We may find it hard to express ourselves, too shy to talk or suffer from fear of speaking.

Aquamarine helps by clearing the blockage on the throat chakra, allowing our inner voice to break free so we can better express ourselves and speak our personal truth.

Promote rejuvenation

Many also believe that aquamarine is a stone of eternal youth. It is a common practice to extract the gem’s essence and spritz it on your throat, neck, and face. This is said to inspire radiant glowing skin.

To make your gem essence, submerge a cleansed aquamarine stone in a bowl of purified water. Let it charge under the moonlight for 2-4 hours. Then, transfer the crystal-infused water to a spray bottle.

Protect you on your travels

The aquamarine gemstone is also considered a powerful protection charm when traveling by sea. Since ancient times, seafarers and sailors carry a piece of this crystal for safe travel.

Aside from protection, it is thought to alleviate your fear of water too. It is also considered a potent good luck charm when crossing the sea, or if you live by the water.


Aquamarine Uses

There are various ways to leverage the power of aquamarine:

  • Carry a small piece of aquamarine in your pocket or purse.
  • Wear aquamarine jewelry near your throat and heart chakra points, such as a necklace.
  • Place tumbled aquamarine stones in your home or workspace.

Make sure to set your intentions onto the stone to generate results.


How to Cleanse Aquamarine

Crystals like aquamarine tend to absorb negative energy that accumulates in the long-term. This can block the stone’s vibrations, causing it to stop working. Hence, you need to cleanse your gemstone regularly.

How to cleanse and charge crystals: Wash the aquamarine in running water, specifically with sea or ocean water, to restore its vibrations.

Since this gemstone is governed by the moon and holds yin (feminine) energy in it, you can also cleanse it under the moonlight.


Aquamarine Birthstone

aquamarine birthstone

Aquamarine is considered the birthstone for March, as well as the birthstone of Pisces and Aries.

Those born under the aquamarine birthstone often share similar traits with the crystal. They are said to lead a peaceful and honest life.

Since aquamarine inspires happiness and eternal youth, March babies are often young at heart. As a stone of peace, people who have aquamarine as their birthstone can be reserved and secretive, yet they can be naturally truthful and great communicators.

Using aquamarine helps them maintain their calm, remain honest, and improve their communication.


Aquamarine Jewelry

aquamarine jewelry

With its pale blue luster, aquamarine makes for an elegant piece of jewelry. Wear this stone if you’re looking to maintain your calmness during emotionally tensed situations or you want to improve your communication.

To maximize the stone’s full potential, wear it near your throat and heart chakra points. Aquamarine necklaces are a great choice for this purpose.


Final Words

Aquamarine is a gentle crystal that inspires soothing effects to those who use it. If you want to harness its powers, start wearing a piece of aquamarine now.

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