All You Need to Know About 7 Chakra Stone Bracelets

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The 7 chakra stone bracelet is something you may not have heard of yet but it’s something that you most definitely need.

Why? Well, have you ever experienced days or weeks that leave you in a slump?

Maybe you’re feeling uninspired or you’ve been feeling physically drained?

When a bad day becomes a bad week, you’re probably experiencing energy blockages. These energy blockages are caused by unbalanced chakras that, if left unchecked, will cause more problems for you.

We’re here to help you learn what you can do to prevent this!

In this article, we discuss what  are 7 chakra stone and chakra bracelet is and the multiple benefits you can gain from wearing one.

Learn about the history of the 7 chakra lava stone bracelet, its benefits, and activation, and why using it can help fix the imbalance of energy in your body.

Our handy guide provides all you need to know about the 7 chakra stone bracelets so you can be happier and healthier!


What is a 7 chakra stone bracelet?

Before understanding its mystical powers, it’s important to first understand what the 7 stone chakra bracelet meaning is.

The 7 chakra stone bracelet is jewelry made of carefully selected stones that correspond to each chakra in your body.

By bringing balance to your chakras, the 7 chakra energy stone bracelet helps bring harmony to your body while also drawing out tensions and impurities that cause energy blockages.

It uses different stones, colors, and energy to help you function in everyday life in the best way possible.

What is a chakra stone?

Chakra, which means “wheel” in Sanskrit, refers to different energy points in your body.

Chakras are visualized as spinning disks of energy that need to remain “open”, aligned, and balanced. This is because chakras correspond to nerves, organs, and specific energy areas of our body that affect our emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Ancient tradition identifies around 114 chakras, but only seven main chakras are widely discussed and run along your spine. These include the crown chakra, third eye chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra, and root chakra.

With the 7 stone chakra bracelet, each stone with its unique color and energy helps you bring balance to a specific chakra.


How did the chakra bracelet originate?

person meditating

The idea for the 7 stone chakra bracelet originated from the concept of chakras and balancing them, which began thousands of years ago in ancient times.

The complex energy system originated in India and was first mentioned in the Vedas, an ancient sacred text around 1500 to 1000 BC.

Chakra bracelets are also said to be based on bracelets used by yogis or those who practice yoga. They would have a bracelet of 108 beads which they would use to count their daily repetitions of mantras during meditation so as not to lose track after 99 repetitions.

In today’s time, the 7 stone chakra bracelet is used for meditation and for bringing balance to each of the major chakras in the body. It combines the powers of all seven stones to bring in the same spiritual, mental, and physical balance provided by older bracelets of ancient times.


The 7 chakra stones and their meanings

To understand each stone is to understand the chakra behind it. Let’s take a look at the 7 stone chakra bracelet meaning and what they help do in balancing your life.

Root Chakra

This chakra is found on the base of your spine. It is connected to the color red and serves as a foundation for ensuring your physical needs are balanced.

Keeping this chakra open will help you be physically balanced. Some stones used to balance this chakra include ruby, red coral, bloodstone, and black obsidian.

Sacral Chakra

This chakra resides just below the belly button and is associated with a person’s creativity, emotions, and sexual energy.

Connected with the color orange, blockages in this chakra may leave you feeling overwhelmed with your emotions and losing control of everything. Stones used to balance this chakra include the tiger’s eye, orange carnelian, and stibnite to name a few.

Solar plexus chakra

This chakra, on the other hand, is located above the belly button and is associated with the color yellow. It serves as a person’s seat of confidence and self-worth.

Whenever you feel shameful or unworthy, your solar plexus chakra is probably blocked. Stones for clearing this would include citrine, topaz, amber, and fire opal.

Heart chakra

Moving higher from the spine is the heart chakra which helps us process and understand love and happiness – not only for ourselves but also for others.

Giving and receiving love is associated with this chakra and blockages in this may cause us to feel more alone and closed off from everyone. This chakra also serves as a middle point and connects the lower chakras with the higher chakras.

Stones for blockage removal include a variety: rose quartz, green agate, amazonite, and green opal.

Throat chakra

From the name itself, this chakra is located at the throat near the collarbone.

The throat chakra is associated with our ability to communicate and express ourselves with others, serving as the distinctive voice of our personal truths.

When blocked, we may have trouble expressing our thoughts and emotions. It is linked with the color blue and stones to keep it open including turquoise, aquamarine, and kyanite.

Third eye chakra

This chakra is more commonly known than the others. Found at the center of the brow bone and forehead, the third eye is where we connect with our intuition and are open spiritually.

This chakra is also perceived as the eye of the soul and helps with deeper self-reflection, clear thoughts, and contemplation.

Associated with the color purple or indigo, blockages in this chakra lead to self-doubt, overthinking, and close-mindedness to the bigger picture in things. Stones include lapis lazuli, sapphire, azurite, and sodalite.

Crown chakra

Located at the crown of your head, this final chakra is the most spiritual in nature and is related to the color violet and white.

The crown chakra is related to the element of thought, consciousness, wisdom, and unity with the self. Blockages may cause feelings of confusion and a loss of connection to the world. Stones for this chakra include moonstone, clear quartz, amethyst, and labradorite.


Types of Chakra Bracelets

Now that you know about the seven chakras, let’s learn about the different types of chakra stone bracelets. This will help you know which bracelet is best suited for you.

7 Chakra Stone Bracelet

The 7 chakra energy stone bracelet is the best bracelet for bringing overall wellness to the wearer.

As it brings balance to all 7 chakras, it is the most complete bracelet for clearing blockages that may affect the body, mind, and spirit.

Crown Chakra Bracelet

This bracelet specifically targets your crown chakra, increasing your gratitude towards others and bringing healing benefits of self-discipline and renewed energy.

Third Eye Chakra Bracelet

This bracelet strengthens the connection to your third eye. It helps stimulate openness towards others and brings greater mental clarity and physical stamina to the wearer.

Throat Chakra Bracelet

The throat chakra bracelet increases the ability for better communication and thinking for the wearer.

It also helps in boosting one’s confidence and expressing their emotions to others.

Heart Chakra Bracelet

This bracelet helps inspire aspirations and increases a person’s energy and stamina, removing toxicity and anxiety from the wearer.

It also helps regulate the wearer’s stress levels and removes physical and emotional pain related to the heart chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra Bracelet

Restoring physical and emotional balance, the solar plexus chakra bracelet strengthens the courage and boldness of the wearer.

By bringing balance to the solar plexus chakra, the bracelet sparks energy and endurance while motivating inner power.

Sacral Chakra Bracelet

This bracelet brings healing benefits to the wearer by purifying emotions and stimulating creativity.

It is a nurturing and protective chakra bracelet that activates connections to the inner self and promotes positivity to the wearer.

Root Chakra Bracelet

This bracelet supports the foundation chakra of the wearer, strengthening the emotional connection and increasing compassion for one’s self and others. 

The root chakra bracelet helps ground and stabilize the wearer.


The Chakra Stone and Their Benefits

chakra bracelet stones meaning chart

While you may choose a specific chakra bracelet to wear, the 7 chakra lava stone bracelet is still the best as it already stabilizes the wearer in all seven chakras.

Below is a simple guide to each stone that brings unique color and energy for each chakra’s balance and harmony:


This stone brings balance to a person’s Crown Chakra.

Known as a gemstone for bringing balance and tranquility to the wearer, it helps clear blockages in your crown chakra and invites clarity, happiness, and positivity.

It also alleviates physical blockages in the crown chakra such as headaches and insomnia.

Lapis Lazuli

This stone brings balance to the Third Eye Chakra.

Lapis lazuli is known as the wisdom stone, increasing a person’s knowledge and enhancing their intuition.

It also helps clear blockages such as lack of concentration, stress, nightmares, and overwhelming feelings of sadness.


This stone clears blockages in your Throat Chakra.

Facilitating communication with others, turquoise helps in better self-expression while providing calming and healing energies.

It helps remove blockages in the throat chakra, especially struggles in public speaking and physical ailments such as sore throats.

Imperial Stone

This stone brings balance to the Heart Chakra. 

Known as a stone of protection, it protects the wearer from heart chakra blockages such as emotional stress and ailments like poor blood circulation and high or low blood pressure.

The imperial stone invites love, compassion, and inner peace to the wearer while being an excellent stone for emotional healing.

Tiger's Eye

This stone aids your Solar Plexus Chakra.

Known for its powerful energy, this stone helps the wearer with low self-esteem issues and physical solar plexus chakra blockages such as stomach pain, heartburn, acid reflux, etc. 

Tiger’s eye is also good for building inner confidence and warding off negative energy.

Amber Resin

This stone helps with your Sacral Chakra.

Because of its mystical properties, amber resin helps in improving memory, creating balanced decision-making, and increasing mental flexibility.

It aids with sacral chakra energy blockages such as codependency, a lack of control over your emotions, and physical symptoms such as anemia, joint pain, and low energy.


The last stone helps bring balance to your Root Chakra.

Similar to the root chakra serving as the foundation of the spine, onyx helps ground and stabilize the wearer’s connection with the earth

 It releases excess negative energy from the body and aids with root chakra energy blockages such as insecurities with basic needs and sluggishness and other symptoms like arthritis, constipation, and colon problems.


The Chakra Bracelet Benefits

Wearing chakra bracelets will help bring balance and stability into your life.

They help bring balance to the energies in the body, drawing out negativity, and physical, spiritual, and emotional pain. They also help revitalize the body by inviting positivity and good energy.

Each chakra stone also has its unique properties for healing and promoting the wellness of each chakra, leading to overall better well-being.

Here are some chakra stone bracelet benefits you can expect to gain from wearing one:

Better physical health

Each chakra corresponds to a specific point in your body.

By using the different chakra stones in the bracelet, you remove physical blockages that may hinder your well-being and wellness such as heart concerns, migraines, and digestive issues.

You would be surprised at how much better you physically feel once you wear the 7 chakra energy stone bracelet.

Improved mental health

Aside from clearing physical blockages, the 7 chakra lava stone bracelet also holds the power to soothe you mentally.

It drives away negative energy, providing you with mental clarity and peace. It also removes feelings of anxiety and stress and helps you feel more confident with your tasks and daily life.

Increased creativity

The 7 chakra stone wristlet works well to remove blockages in all aspects, leading to increased productivity and creativity.

While wearing the bracelet, you will no longer feel the “creative blocks” you may be experiencing. Rather, you will feel better utilizing your skills, communicating with others, and unleashing your talents and potential.


How to Use the 7 Chakra Bracelets

Aside from knowing the 7 chakra stone jewelry benefits, you also need to learn how to properly use it. You can wear a 7 chakra lava stone bracelet on both your left and right wrist.

We will further discuss this later on as the choice of which wrist you will wear the bracelet has a significant impact on its powers.

Also, make sure to pay close attention to how the energy of the bracelet makes you feel as this will help you understand the bracelet’s powers.


How to use the chakra stones

The chakra stones discussed above have multiple uses and benefits that you can use to unleash their full potential. Here are some to name a few:

  • Use for meditation. As we mentioned before, the chakra bracelet was based on an ancient bracelet filled with beads used for meditation.

Aside from wearing the bracelet, you may further strengthen its healing energy by using it to meditate. Allot one chakra bead per day for each day of the week during meditation so that you can focus on a specific chakra.

Repeat mantras that will help unblock the negative energy of the particular chakra and do the same for a different bead the next day.

  • Wear as jewelry. Aside from the healing power and energy of the chakra stone bracelet, its beautiful multi-colored stones make it a very aesthetically pleasing piece of jewelry.

Wear it daily to match your outfits regardless of the color and show off your style! Its unique colors and beauty make it suitable for both men and women to wear every day.

  • Place in a room for more benefits. The 7 stone chakra bracelet can give you positivity wherever you are.

When not in use, place your bracelet near your bedside table, in a bowl on your vanity table, or under your pillow. This will help invite positive and healing energy to your body even when you are resting or doing something else.


How to wear 7 Chakra Bracelets

Place your chakra bracelet on either your left or right wrist. Both are correct ways to wear it but do give different 7 chakras bracelet benefits.

Which wrist to wear and why

Both sides of our body are divided into the yin and yang, or feminine and masculine respectively. Wearing the chakra stone bracelet on either side will bring different outcomes.

  • Left wrist. Wear your chakra bracelet on your left wrist if you wish to be more in touch with the feminine side or the yin.

This side of the body is considered passive and receptive; it is the receiving side of the body.

Wearing the chakra bracelet on this wrist will make your aura more inviting to positive and healing energy from the stones.

  • Right wrist. Wearing your chakra bracelet on your right wrist allows you to release negative energy and anxiety from your body.

The right side of your body is the yang or the masculine, and this side releases rather than invites energy.

It is more active and thus will aid in manifesting stronger intentions.

How to activate

Aside from knowing how to wear it, it is also important to know how to activate the chakra 7 stone natural stone bracelet.

Activating it will not only help bring its healing energy but it will also unleash the bracelet’s full potential so you can get the best seven stone bracelet benefits.

Here are some tips on how to activate your chakra bracelet:

  • Cleanse your bracelet. Physically and spiritually cleanse your bracelet.

Do this by dipping your bracelet in a bowl of clean water and wiping it with a soft cloth. For spiritual cleansing, use moonlight cleansing or sage cleansing.

  • Relax and meditate with your bracelet. Find a quiet spot where you can remain undisturbed and make sure to turn off electronic devices that may distract you.

You may do this any time of the day, though some prefer doing it during a full moon as the quiet of the night may help you focus more. Focus on each bead’s energy and your environment’s energy.

  • Recite a mantra. The chakra 7 stone natural stone bracelet works best when you believe in its powers and align your intentions with its energy.

During meditation, recite a mantra to invoke the healing energy and ward off negativity and feelings of anxiety.

Make sure that the mantra fits your intention, such as saying “I invite love and positivity for myself and others” or “I program this bracelet to help clear my mind and activate my intuition.” 

Making your intentions clear with your bracelet will help activate its powers better.

  • Wear your bracelet regularly. Keeping your bracelet close to you by wearing it will help invite the healing energy you have activated.

If you are not comfortable wearing it regularly, keep it in your pocket so that its positivity will still be close to your body.

How to cleanse 7 Chakra Bracelets

Cleansing your bracelet physically and spiritually helps wash away the negative energy it may absorb and helps it remove blockages from all seven chakras.

To physically cleanse your bracelet, dip it in a bowl of clean water free from salt or soap. Putting anything else aside from water may damage your bracelet so it is best to avoid this. Afterwards, make sure to wipe it with a soft cloth before using it. 

On the other hand, to spiritually cleanse your bracelet, you must remove the negative energy absorbed by the stones.

You may do this through moonlight cleansing or sage cleansing. Moonlight cleansing is done by placing your bracelet by a window where it can absorb the moonlight.

Sage cleansing involves burning sage and allowing the smoke to remove the toxicity and negativity from the stones.

Another possible method is placing your chakra bracelet in dry, brown rice, and leaving it overnight. The rice will absorb the bad energy from the bracelet and you may wear it again.

Make sure to discard the rice so you don’t accidentally consume the negativity from the bracelet.

Getting your Chakra Stone Bracelet

chakra stone bracelet

The chakra 7 stone natural stone bracelet is a wonderful accessory that can help bring balance and harmony to your physical and spiritual well-being. It removes blockages from all chakras and grants you vitality and better confidence to deal with everyday life.

When buying your bracelet, make sure to get it from a reputable store that sells quality items. It is possible to find cheaper alternatives that may have fake stones, but these will not help clear the blockages in your chakras. 

Inner Wisdom’s 7 chakra stone bracelet is not only authentic but is also made of quality chakra stones and zinc alloy. Its beautiful appearance makes it suitable for both men and women.

The seven chakra stone bracelet is but one of the many consciously hand-picked items available at Inner Wisdom. Our store has established itself as a trusted guide and source of empowered jewelry dedicated to improving your quality of life.

At Inner Wisdom, we value YOU and our service of bringing you the best spiritual items for easier energy work. 

Check out some verified reviews of our 7 chakra stone bracelet:

Fabulous. Wear it everyday xx” - Mary Newman

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Final Thoughts

The 7 chakra stone bracelet is a wonderful piece of jewelry that will help bring you physical and spiritual balance in all seven chakras. Its powerful properties make it a potent source of positivity and vitality because it targets all seven chakras and removes blockages in each one.

If you want to improve your overall wellness, remove toxicity and negativity from your life, and encourage a free flow of positive energy to your mind and body then this is the best investment you can get.

You no longer need to worry about neglecting your other chakras because the chakra 7 stone natural stone bracelet takes care of it all for you. 

What are you waiting for? Get your own now and experience the harmony and balance brought by this wonderful bracelet. Bring an ancient spiritual healing practice to a modern you!


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Joan Wigmore

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A great email with lots of information. I would suggest if it is brought print s couple of these off . I would but this as gift with the information

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