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Ultimate Wealth and Good Fortune Lucky Bracelet Bundle Pack

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This special bundle pack contains the Mani Mantra Lucky Bracelet and the Lucky Pixiu Red String Bracelets

🕉️Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum - The Jewel Is In The Lotus🕉️

The Mani Mantra, also known as the Om Mani Padme Hum, is the six-syllabled Sanskrit mantra practiced since ancient times. This well-loved and powerful mantra also means "The jewel is in the lotus

It is believed that it can bring wisdom, happiness, luck and good fortune when repeated over and over again. Our Tibetan Handmade Silver Mani Mantra bracelet is a great fashion piece that can be worn casually whenever you want to attract good luck.

🐲 Lucky Pixiu To Attract Wealth and Money 🐲

Pixiu” is a mythical Chinese creature that possesses a dragon head, horse body and qilin’s feet. Legends tell that the Pixiu used to consume all the silver, gold and treasure in the land, not leaving anything behind its hungry appetite for wealth. It is believed that it has the capability to draw wealth from all directions.

One day, the Jade Emperor decided to stop the Pixiu from eating all the wealth, so it closed the Pixiu’s anus. The Pixiu only allows money to roll in and prevents wealth from flowing out. Because of this, the Pixiu has become a strong symbol for attracting wealth, money and abundance.


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