Tibetan Handmade Silver Mani Mantra & Knots Bracelet

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Mixed Colors
This novel and unique item combines the attributes of the Tibetan Red String and the Mani Mantra to create a talisman bracelet that will help you ward off misfortune and attract good luck, wisdom, positivity, happiness, wealth and fortune into your life.

📿 Tibetan Red String to Ward Misfortune Away 📿

This Tibetan red string bracelet is handcrafted by monks. This stylish and meaningful bracelet is worn on the left wrist because it is believed in Kabbalistic theories that the left wrist is the receiving side of the spiritual body.

🕉️ Mani Mantra For Positivity 🕉️

The Mani Mantra is a six-syllable Sanskrit mantra believed to attract positivity, wisdom, wealth, good fortune and luck to its wearer.

ॐ - OM (ohm) is the syllable that purifies EGO and helps you achieve perfection and generosity

म - MA (mah) is the syllable that purifies JEALOUSY and helps promote ethics

णि - NI (nee) is the syllable that purifies PASSION and helps improve patience

प - PAD (pahd) is the syllable that purifies IGNORANCE and promotes perseverance

द्मे - ME (meh) is the syllable that purifies GREED and improves concentrations

हूँ - HUM (hum) is the syllable that purifies HATRED and promotes intelligence and wisdom

Product Details:
  • Handmade of Authentic 999 Silver
  • Red String Tibetan Knots
  • Bracelet length: 8.6" (22 cm)
  • Gender - Unisex

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