Rosewood Pixiu Protective Bracelet

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Shield yourself against the negativities around you with this Rosewood Pixiu Protective Bracelet!

🌿 Rosewood – Clear Negative Energy 🌿

Rosewood is known for its calming scent. Beads made of rosewood help in soothing the nervous system. This helps clear the negative energy that prevents you from healing yourself. It is also associated with the heart chakra, which accents the innate qualities of love and compassion within an individual.

🐉 Pixiu – Ward Off Negative Energy 🐉

Accenting the rosewood beads is the Pixiu. In Feng Shui, Pixiu is an auspicious symbol that cures negative energy. It also helps drive away evil spirits from its wearer, boosting the protective properties of rosewood.

  • Rosewood to calm your body and mind
  • Pixiu to attract good fortune
  • Meaningful yet stylish piece
  • Powerful bracelet to protect against negative energy
Wear it and gain the protective power of rosewood and Pixiu!

Product Details:
  • Materials: Rosewood


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