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Tibetan Mani Mantra Necklace

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🕉️ Mani Mantra - The Six-Syllabled Sanskrit Mantra 🕉️

✔️ Om (ohm): Removes ego and establishes Generosity.

✔️ Ma (mah): Removes jealousy and establishes Ethics.

✔️ Ni (nee): Removes greedy desires and establishes Patience.

✔️ Pad (pahd): Removes judgmentalprejudice and establishes Perseverance.

✔️ Me (meh): Removes materialistic thoughts and possessiveness and establishes Concentration.

✔️ Hum (hum): Removes anger and hatred and establishes Wisdom.

Product Details:
  • Unique & Simple Design
  • Material: Titanium Steel (Skin Friendly)
  • Pendant Diameter: 0.94" (24 mm)
  • Chain Length: 18.8" (48 cm) (Adjustable)

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