Lucky Double Pixiu Hetian Jade Necklace

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Jade Bead Necklace with Pixiu symbols for good fortune!

Realize your dream of a prosperous life with this Lucky Double Pixiu Hetian Jade Necklace!

🐉 Pixiu – Mythical Creature of Abundance 🐉

According to legends, Pixiu is a mythical dragon blessed with a huge mouth. He uses his mouth to swallow riches in the world. However, he was also cursed with a sealed anus. Thus, he can’t expel the treasures he devours. This is why Pixiu is considered a symbol of abundance and good fortune.

🍀 Hetian Jade – Sacred Stone of Dreams & Wishes 🍀

Ancient beliefs tell that that the Hetian Jade can fulfill one’s dreams and wishes. This unique stone is also said to build up fortune, love, and health luck. It is also believed to bring out its wearer’s inner potential.

  • Hetian Jade bead necklace to grant your wish
  • Pair of Pixiu symbols to double fortune luck
  • Necklace to attract abundance and prosperity
  • Meaningful yet stylish piece
Wear this Hetian Jade bead necklace and make your dreams of an abundant life come true!

Product Details:
  • Materials: Hetian Jade
  • Pendant Size: 1.89 x 1.57 x 0.47” (48 x 40 x 12 mm)


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