Natural Stone Dragon Claw Bracelet

Tiger's Eye
Blue Pine Stone
Black Turquoise

Our handcrafted Natural Stone Dragon Claw Bracelet comes in three different options (Tiger'e Eye, Blue Pine Stone, Black Turquoise) to suit your own style. 

Our Natural Stone Dragon Claw Bracelet comes with a Dragon Claw design that clasps a natural stone within. Enclosed in the middle of the necklace is your own choice of natural stone that represents different merits and meaning. The claw of the Dragon clasps the natural stone which shines beautifully once exposed to natural light. 

If you are looking for a great gift that you can give to your family or friends, this Natural Stone Dragon Claw Bracelet is definitely a top choice. Watch them open their eyes in awe once they see the beautiful natural stones in action!

Product Details

  • Material: Natural Stones
  • Bead Size: Black gallstones 6mm, Natural stone 10mm
  • Size: Adjustable


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