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Chinese Coin Wealth and Protection Bracelet

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Inspired by the old belief surrounding Chinese old money coin bracelets that are believed to attract fortune and wealth. This bracelet is crafted with several black beads and gold beads embossed with coin designs.

Even during ancient times, Chinese coins have been commonly used as Feng Shui enhancersThe most common use of Chinese coins in Feng Shui is to attract wealth and financial success.

Our Chinese Coin Wealth and ProtectionBracelets are inspired by these money coins used for Feng Shui. Within this bracelet are embossed golden beads bearing the symbols of coins. Black coins with a unique texture make up the clasps of the bracelet, emitting a faint reflection when exposed to natural light. 

Product Details 

  • Features: Black beads and golden beads embossed with money coins
  • Wrist size: Adjustable


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