Buddhist Meditation White Seeds Beads Bracelet

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Seek Spiritual Awakening with the Aid of this Buddhist Meditation Beads Bracelet


The beads in this Buddhist Meditation Beads Bracelet are made of seeds from sacred plants in Tibetan traditions. These seeds are said to play an important role in a spiritual seeker’s life. This is made out of high-quality and energetic material: Lotus Seeds, Rudraksha Seeds, Rosewood Seeds, Sandalwood Seeds.



  • Meditation bracelet said to promote enlightenment
  • 4 different seed beads believed to inspire various effects
  • Handcrafted with great attention to details


The Meaning of the Seed Beads

Stringed in this piece are lotus seed beads, rudraksha seed beads, rosewood seed beads, and a sandalwood seed bead. Each bead in this meditation bracelet tells its own story and is believed to inspire various effects.

buddhist meditation beads bracelet

🙏 Lotus Beads Meaning. Used to awaken the mind during meditation. Lotus is a flower that rises beautifully from mud, symbolizing purity and spiritual growth. Beads made of lotus seeds remind us of this inspiring journey as we seek spiritual growth.

🙏 Rudraksha Beads Meaning. Used to guard against negative energy, bringing peace of mind during meditation. Rudraksha is believed to have originated from Shiva when the Hindu deity shed tears after meditation. The tears became the seeds for the trees, symbolizing compassion to humanity.

🙏 Rosewood Beads Meaning. Used to dispel negativity during meditation. Rosewood has a striking dark color, which according to Buddhist tradition, helps in grounding and protection.

🙏 Sandalwood Beads Meaning. Used to inspire tranquility and awareness during meditation. Sandalwood is revered in both Buddhist and Hindu cultures. Its fragrant scent is said to calm the mind, which is believed to bring us closer to the Divine.

Our Buddhist Meditation Beads Bracelet is often worn to help one achieve true wisdom while meditating. If you’re looking to improve your focus during meditation, don’t miss out on this empowering piece!

    MAIN FUNCTION: Seed Beads believed to promote enlightenment


    • Item Type: Beads Bracelet
    • Material: Lotus Seeds, Rudraksha Seeds, Rosewood Seeds, Sandalwood Seeds
    • Bead Size: 0.35 x 0.28” (9 x 7 mm)
    • Gender: Unisex



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