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Lotus Flower and Heart Sutra Bracelet

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This beautiful Buddhist Lotus Flower & Heart Sutra Bracelet is carefully handmade and portrays a blooming Lotus, symbol of a blissful liberation and purity in Buddhism. Carved on the inside of the ring is the Buddhist Heart Sutra symbol that's meant to bring love and compassion. Together, they bring you closer to enlightenment.

In Buddhism, the Lotus flower is known as the “flower of heaven” and symbolizes purity of the body, speech, and mind. It is said that it stands for four essential virtues, which are loveliness, softness, scent and purity.

Buddhists consider the petals to depict the opening of the heart. The flower depicts our ability to come from a place of suffering into the light, same with the lotus, whose roots start in the muddy earth and rise up through the water to the light of the sun. It also represents detachment as drops of water easily slide off its petals.

The Buddhist Lotus Flower & Heart Sutra Bracelet is fully adjustable and can also be worn as a beautiful arm cuff.

Product Details

  • Material - Metal Length - 7.09" (18 cm) Adjustable
  • Color - Thai silver black (copper plated matte ancient silver) 


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