Pixiu with Moving Windmill Feng Shui Bracelet

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Pixiu Feng Shui Bracelet with Moving Windmill to Attract Good Fortune


This Pixiu Feng Shui Bracelet is accented by a moving windmill for a stronger luck boost. The bearing inside the Pixiu allows the windmill to rotate, which is believed to increase your chi flow. Choose from gold-plated or silver-plated copper Pixiu stringed in handmade Tibetan knots.



  • Copper Pixiu said to improve wealth
  • Moving windmill for an added boost of luck
  • High-quality handmade Tibetan rope
  • Feng shui bracelet for a bolder look
  • Great gift for you, your friends, or your family


Pixiu – Feng Shui Creature of Wealth

Pixiu is a creature of wealth in Chinese traditions. It is said to bring wealth luck, business luck, and success luck to its owner. Blessed with a huge mouth and a sealed anus, Pixiu can devour the riches of the world and store them in its belly. This led to the belief that Pixiu attracts wealth and never let them go. When worn as a bracelet, Pixiu is also a powerful feng shui cure against bad luck.


Windmill Feng Shui – Attract Good Fortune

In feng shui, moving objects like a windmill are believed to increase the flow of chi. The increased chi flow is said to invite more wealth, money, and opportunities. A moving windmill is added to this Pixiu feng shui bracelet to better attract good fortune into your life.


MAIN FUNCTION: Pixiu, moving windmill for wealth


  • Item Type: Bracelet
  • Material: Copper, Tibetan Rope
  • Clasp Type: Sliding Knots
  • Pixiu Size: 79 x 0.31” (2 cm x 0.8 cm)
  • Bracelet Length: Approx. 6.29-9.85” (16-25 cm)
  • Color: Gold-Plated or Silver-Plated
  • Gender: Unisex



1x Pixiu with Moving Windmill Feng Shui Bracelet


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Juvy Pagkatipunan

Nicely done