Orgonite Pyramid – Orgone Energy Generator

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Orgonite Pyramid for Generating Orgone Energy


Our Orgonite Pyramid is a crystal prism used to generate orgone energy, which is thought to inspire positive effects on the body. Made of resin, metal shavings, and natural crystals, this orgone crystal pyramid is also believed to counter the effects of harmful EMFs from our devices.



  • Used to generate orgone for clearing negative energy
  • Said to neutralize harmful EMF frequencies
  • Thought to inspire wellness in the body, mind, & spirit


What is Orgone Energy?

Orgone is a type of energy similar to Chi, Prana, Ether—all otherwise known as the Universal Life Force. It is said to be vital energy present in the universe that can help improve one’s life physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Orgonite Pyramid Meaning

An orgonite pyramid is a tool used to generate orgone energy. It is a combination of organic (resin), inorganic (metal shavings), and crystal materials that, when put together, is thought to create a clearing effect in the surroundings.

The orgonite pyramid is commonly used to clear negative energy in the air. This is believed to revert negative energy to its positive state, which allows us to live in a healthy environment.

It is also thought to create a protective energy against the harmful effects of EMF in the body. This is ideal for those who are constantly exposed to the radiation of devices daily.


Orgone Crystal Energized by the Om Symbol

This crystal pyramid also features the powerful Om symbol. In the Buddhist tradition, the Om symbol represents the harmony between human beings and the Universe. This oneness is believed to improve one’s overall state, especially when combined with the powers of orgonite.


Our orgonite crystal pyramid functions as both a great centerpiece and an energy purifier in your home or workspace. Buy a real orgone pyramid for sale today and discover its many benefits!



  • Item Type: Home Decor
  • Material: Orgonite, Natural Crystals
  • Shape/Pattern: Pyramid, Om Symbol
  • Color: Blue
  • Available Sizes:
    • 2.36 x 2.36”, 0.26 lb (60 x 60mm, 120g)
  • Gender: Unisex


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