The Benefits of Balancing Your Masculine and Feminine Energy

The Benefits of Balancing Your Masculine and Feminine Energy

The Yin and Yang (light and dark) date back to ancient Chinese traditions showcasing opposite but complementary energy forces. In our previous blog posts, we discussed each concept and how you can  enhance your masculine and  feminine energy. Balancing these two does not only help counter the perceived “disadvantages” of specific energy types but also brings multitudes of benefits. 

The Yin-Yang dynamic encompasses all aspects of human life regardless of gender. Ensuring that these two are balanced will lead to both mental and physical health balanced, too. Continue reading as we discuss the benefits and practices to achieve a harmonious way of living.

Better physical health


An imbalance between the Yin and Yang, which represents our feminine (intuitive and creative) and masculine (analytical and goal-oriented) aspects, leads to poor health conditions. Specifically, a person may have a Yin or Yang deficiency. A lack of Yang energy means there is an excess of the Yin. And this concretely manifests when you experience coldness in the body, leading you to become more prone to illness. You may also feel more tired and lethargic than usual, not have the energy to accomplish tasks, and have a slow pulse due to an increase in the less heated qualities of the Yin. To avoid such issues, it is recommended to wear stones that increase the Yang such as citrine. Known to activate the solar plexus, crown, and sacral chakras, citrine is a crystal necessary in achieving balance in both upper and lower chakras. Jewelry like the  god of wealth feng shui citrine bracelet not only attracts wealth and prosperity but also helps in achieving balance and stability in life through increasing the Yang energy. 

On the other hand, an imbalance on the opposite spectrum consisting of a Yin deficiency is also not good. Those who undergo this imbalance also feel its physical manifestations through excessive heat in the body brought about by the masculine energy. They may have difficulty staying put or often feel restless, suffer from constipation, fast pulse, and dry skin. One way to solve this imbalance would be by boosting your Yin through using items with aventurine. The aventurine is considered the healer of all gemstones as it enhances vitality and helps attract positive energy needed to increase the Yin. Wearing jewelry like a  handmade lucky red string aventurine bracelet will help make you feel rejuvenated and energetic while also attracting good fortune and luck.

Better emotional health

As discussed in our previous articles, the Yin and Yang energy types feature predominant qualities unique to them alone. An excess of each energy may lead to emotional strains that disrupt the balance in a harmonious life. Characterized by energy, movement, and passion, excessive Yang may lead to overworking and constant stress. This damages not only the physical but also emotional well-being. Too much masculine energy brings forth hyperactivity and this, in turn, gives our emotional health very little chance to heal and rest. This overabundance in the Yang eventually leads to a Yin deficiency which may cause constant anxiety, frustration, and deep sensitivity. Poor emotional health thus also actively contributes to weak physical health.

Final Thoughts

Finding the balance between Yin and Yang can be done in several ways. Engaging in tasks of the opposite energy, exercising, and even consuming food necessary to increase certain energies are helpful. However, one of the simplest ways to achieve this balance is through wearing gemstones that actively counteract the overflow of the Yin and Yang in the body. Green jade is one of the healing minerals known to correct fatigue and imbalance. Jewelry made from pure jade, such as a  pure jade bangle bracelet, helps remove toxins and balances spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. It brings harmony and stability to the body and represents both justice and compassion – qualities of the masculine and feminine energy which help achieve energy symmetry.

Another notable gem for achieving the desired Yin-Yang synergy is fluorite. It is known for its excellence in balancing all chakras of the body, and thus all physical aspects of the Yin and Yang. Using items like a  fluorite hexagonal crystal wand helps physically heal ailments experienced due to imbalances and blockages in energy. It dispels negativity, removes toxins, and eases the mind, which is particularly important for feelings of stress and anxiety. Fluorite also aids in creating positivity and clarity for the stable emotions needed for optimal Yin-Yang equilibrium.

Balancing the masculine and feminine energies of the body leads to the better overall welfare of a person. Hence, it is necessary to take concrete steps to achieve this balance and avoid sickness and distress.

Recognizing your energy type and the ways your physical and emotional health may be suffering is vital. By following our tips, you can achieve ideal outcomes for a well-balanced life. Here at Inner Wisdom, we aim to guide you in achieving stability in your Yin and Yang energies so you can have the most harmonious life possible.



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