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How to Choose the Right Pixiu Bracelet For You

In Chinese culture, Pixiu (also called Piyao) is a celestial creature highly associated with wealth. For years, people have been placing a statue of Pixiu in their homes or workplaces to attract wealth luck.

As the only feng shui bracelet used to appease the Grand Duke, Pixiu is also a popular protection charm against misfortunes. If you don’t know, the Grand Duke (or Tai Sui) is the universe’s negative energy that inflicts bad luck from mild to severe kind—including illnesses, accidents, and deaths.

Because of its powers, many are wanting to carry Pixiu every time.

Today, Pixiu bracelets mostly consist of a Pixiu amulet with beads made of various crystals. For example, you can find citrine Piyao, jade Pixiu, black obsidian Pixiu, red agate Pixiumetal Pixiu, and even color-changing Pixiu in our store.

With all sorts of Piyao bracelets available today, it can get confusing to choose which is the right one for you. But don’t worry. We at Inner Wisdom Store are here to help.

In this post, we’ll guide you in finding a Pixiu bracelet that should work for all your needs.


Choosing a Pixiu Bracelet

There are two important aspects that you should pay attention to when selecting a bracelet: the Pixiu charm and its beads. If you are wearing the accessory for its powers rather than just for a fashion statement, you should know what particular materials these two are made of.


The Pixiu Charm

When you look around for an original Pixiu bracelet, you’ll notice that the more affordable charms are made of metal materials such as brass, bronze, silver, and gold. Then, there are the expensive ones made of 24k gold.

Why is that?

In general, the Pixiu charm should be made of metal to optimize its full effects. This is because, in the Chien trigram, metal represents heaven.

So, if you want to have the most potent bracelet for attracting wealth, get yourself a metal Pixiu charm.


These Pixiu charms are made of metal perfect for drawing wealth. (Click on the image to learn more about the bracelet)



The Beads

While metal Pixiu charms are most effective for inviting wealth luck, that is not to say that Pixiu made of crystals don’t work. The truth is they also work, but with “bonus” effects.

Pixiu bracelets made of crystals are also popular among feng shui fans. But we’re not only talking about charms here. Often, the beads in the bracelet are made of these precious stones.

A Piyao bracelet made of crystals, which are of the earth element, offer extra powers depending on its material.

For instance, a Pixiu bracelet made of black obsidian grants additional protection against negative energy. Those made of jade and citrine promote business success. And the list goes on.

In short, each crystal holds certain powers. When combined with Piyao, it supercharges the bracelet’s wealth-drawing effects. Therefore, you should determine a crystal’s particular effects when you’re looking for a Piyao bracelet.


These Pixiu bracelets are made of different crystals that inspire various effects. (Click on the image to learn more about the bracelet)



Get the Right Pixiu Bracelet for You!

If you want to get the optimum wealth-drawing magic of Piyao bracelet, you’d better go for Pixiu charm made of metal. If you want to enjoy an added effect, you should choose an accessory stringed with certain crystal beads.

At Inner Wisdom Store, we always hope that our customers get the most out of their items. And with this guide, we hope you are able to make a more informed decision when choosing a Pixiu bracelet.


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Inner Wisdom Store
Inner Wisdom Store

January 26, 2021

Hi Daniel,

Please check our list of 10 best feng shui bracelets in 2021 here:

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daniel musembi
daniel musembi

January 26, 2021

Hallo,which is the best feng shui bracelet.

Inner Wisdom Store
Inner Wisdom Store

September 03, 2020

Hi Razali,

The feng shui black obsidian Pixiu bracelet works best for bringing in wealth energy. It is one of our best-sellers.

Here’s the link:

Hope this helps!

Razali Hj Manan
Razali Hj Manan

September 03, 2020

I just want to know which can bring luck n winning money. Can you suggest what to buy. Thank’s

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