Feng Shui Ring Rules You Should Never Break

Feng shui rings are powerful rings with multiple benefits that improve your fortune and bring you prosperity. To fully gain these powers, there are several feng shui ring rules you must follow and always adhere to. 

For example, with the feng shui pixiu mantra ring, you must always remember to clean it and pet your pixiu to gain its loyalty and activate the powers of attracting wealth, increasing good fortune, and protecting you from negativity. These are but a few of the many benefits you gain from following the rules of feng shui rings.

If you’re feeling low, unlucky, and unmotivated despite wearing a feng shui ring, maybe you’re breaking some important rules. In this article, we will discuss ring rules for feng shui you should never break and tell you how to increase your ring’s energy and effectiveness while also learning the best feng shui ring for you based on your needs and aspirations.


What are Feng Shui Rings?

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Feng shui is a known historical practice of understanding the balance and harmony between elements around the world. In modern times, it is still a significant practice used to invite the energy you need in your daily life. 

Maintaining balance and harmony is a key aspect of feng shui, which is why feng shui rings are there to help and aid you. Feng shui rings are specially designed pieces of jewelry that supplement insufficient energy and supply you with balance and harmony for a happy and fulfilling life.

Because of the complexities of day-to-day activities, there are a number of feng shui rings made from different gemstones and materials that cater to your needs. These feng shui rings bring good fortune, wealth, and prosperity for you to lead a balanced life. Knowing each feng shui ring, its purpose, and how to properly use them will help you choose the right one to lead a harmonious life.

Jade Ring

A jade ring is one of the most known feng shui rings. Usually seen in varying light shades of green, it’s known as the stone of harmony. The jade in feng shui tradition is known to restore the balance of the yin (feminine) and yang (masculine).

A balance between the yin and yang is known to maintain good physical and mental health. Aside from those, jade also helps with attracting wealth and protection.

It is best to wear the jade ring on your pinky, middle finger, or index finger for increased wealth and balance. Wear it on your middle finger if you wish to focus on its wealth-attracting properties or on your pinky finger to gain good luck and fortune. You can also wear it on your index finger to have balanced and stable relationships.

For men: Wear the ring on the left hand.

For women: Wear the ring on your right hand. 

Feng Shui Mantra Ring

A feng shui mantra ring is a powerful ring that combines the mystical powers of the pixiu dragon and the Om Mani Padme Hum or the six true words Buddhist mantra.

In feng shui tradition, the pixiu dragon is a celestial creature that consumes gold, silver, and riches. As it has no anus, it keeps all the treasures it finds within its belly, making it an auspicious creature and symbol for attracting wealth and keeping it in your hands.

The six true words mantra engraved on the ring is one of the most powerful Buddhist protection mantras. It purifies negativities surrounding the wearer, making it a potent source of protection from ill fortune.

Because of these symbols, the feng shui mantra ring is one of the best feng shui rings to invite prosperity, positivity, and wealth into your life.

It is best to wear the feng shui mantra ring on the middle finger because this is the finger directly connected to the money line in your hand.

For men: Wear the ring on the left hand.

For women: Wear the ring on your right hand.


Emerald Feng Shui Ring

The emerald feng shui ring is associated with healing and kindness. It is known for its deep green tones, contrary to jade’s lighter ones, and is popularly used for bringing harmony to one’s life.

In particular, the emerald gemstone appeals to a person’s heart chakra. It is a fantastic feng shui ring for bringing balance to your relationships, fostering emotional growth, and increasing understanding in your heart. It also brings vitality and happiness to one’s life.

To use the emerald feng shui in bringing stability to your relationships, you must wear it on your ring finger. This is because the ring finger is associated with a person’s affections, creativity, and relationships. On the other hand, you may also wear the emerald ring on your pinky finger to attract good luck and prosperity.


Blue Sapphire Feng Shui Ring

The blue sapphire feng shui ring is a precious gemstone ring known for its rich deep blue color. It is one of the most beautiful feng shui rings and, in feng shui tradition, is associated with the water element and a person’s throat chakra. It is said to bring positivity and smoother communication abilities to its wearer, aiding in deepening your spirituality.

The blue sapphire ring is also said to increase your knowledge and wisdom, making it a good gemstone for self-improvement.

You must wear the blue sapphire feng shui ring on your index finger or middle finger. To improve your networking and communication skills in marketing your business, you must wear the ring on your index finger. This is because the index finger is associated with authority and leadership.

On the other hand, you may wear the ring on your middle finger to activate your palm’s money line and to gain more job opportunities and advancements in your career.


Amethyst Feng Shui Ring

The amethyst feng shui ring is known for its rich purple color associated with elegance, prosperity, and wealth. It is beneficial in creating a calming and harmonious environment and helps with career advancement and increasing wealth, bringing good luck to your financial state.

The amethyst ring is also known to activate a person’s crown chakra which brings positivity and enlightenment to one’s life. Similar to the blue sapphire ring, the amethyst feng shui ring must be worn on either your index finger or middle finger.

To improve your business and communication, wear the ring on your index finger. On the other hand, if you wish to attract wealth and increase your financial gains, wear it on your middle finger. 


Garnet Feng Shui Ring

The garnet feng shui ring is a mighty gemstone ring known for its deep, fiery appearance. Associated with the fire element, it is known to increase passion and power within its wearer.

The garnet ring is said to be especially useful in increasing your authority and position, mainly in the workplace. In feng shui practice, it is said to attract success and help you communicate and network better with others, improving your status and relationships with people.

Use the garnet ring on your index finger, as this is the finger linked to communication and authority. Do this and watch the garnet ring bring you into a position of power and increase your passion for work and others. 

What is the Best Ring for Luck and Protection?

The vast amount of different feng shui rings show how they are useful in different aspects of life. The choices may seem overwhelming. However, as a general rule, it is alright to choose one which is simple and best for you. If you wish to improve your wealth and protection then the feng shui pixiu mantra ring is a great jewelry to have.

Known as the best ring for luck and protection, the unique usage of the pixiu dragon and the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra make it a powerful source of prosperity and protection from harm and negativity. Wearing the ring every day improves your financial luck and increases your good fortune. You can learn more about the feng shui pixiu mantra ring  here.

At Inner Wisdom, we help you understand the deep historical practice in their tradition and source the best feng shui products for you. As the number one trusted supplier of authentic feng shui rings, we strive to provide you with empowering pieces of jewelry. Charged with energy that promotes healing and invites abundance, our products help create a better quality of life for you!

Taking Care of Feng Shui Rings

Feng shui rings are wonderful pieces of jewelry known for their beautiful aesthetics and their energy-attracting properties that improve your daily life.

When buying your feng shui ring, make sure to properly take care of it and learn the feng shui ring rules you should never break. You may do this by physically cleaning your ring with a soft cloth and regularly cleansing them spiritually through moonlight cleansing or a Tibetan cleansing bowl.

Always keep in mind that your actions and intentions help increase the power of your rings. Do your best and let the feng shui rings do the rest!

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