Black Obsidian

Looking to cure negative energies around you? Long-time beliefs tell that black obsidian helps protect owners from bad luck and promote healing. And we collected a few of them for you! Black obsidians come as all kinds of jewelry - bracelets, rings and necklaces and they are often used in healing and Feng Shui.

⚫ Black Obsidian for Protection ⚫

Obsidians are formed within the eruption of a volcano. And it is within that quick formation that fiery energy is captured within this stone. Thanks to that energy, you are protected from bad luck and misfortune. You are also protected from anger, violence, abuse, and other negative behaviors.

⚫ Black Obsidian for Healing ⚫

Obsidians promote healing, too. The stone helps rid emotional attachments, letting go of the emotional pull from people that weighs you down. It also helps bring out your latent abilities when you wear it.

Release the power of black obsidians now!