Feng Shui Pixiu Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet

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Feng Shui Bracelet for Wealth

Attract wealth luck into your life with the Feng Shui Pixiu Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet!

The feng shui black obsidian bracelet is a wealth charm used to attract, acquire, and preserve wealth. Featuring the golden Pixiu strung in obsidian stone beads, this feng shui bracelet is believed to invite prosperous energies to improve the wealth aspect of your life.


Pixiu Black Obsidian Bracelet Uses

Aside from attracting wealth, this black obsidian bracelet with Pixiu is also believed to bless people with good luck, healing, and protection.


  • Pixiu believed to attract & preserve wealth
  • Black obsidian said to promote good health & protection
  • Mani mantra engraved to bring good luck & happiness

Pixiu Bracelet for Wealth

In Chinese mythology, Pixiu (aka Pi Xiu or Pi Yao) is a sacred creature known to bring good fortune. Legends say that Pixiu was blessed with the ability to devour the riches of the world. But one day, the Jade Emperor cursed it with a sealed anus.

This traps all the treasures that Pixiu consumes in its belly. This led to the belief that Pixiu brings in wealth and does not permit it to leave.


Black Obsidian Bracelet for Health & Protection

Black obsidian is known as a healing stone. When worn as a bracelet, it is believed to aid in the digestion process. It also helps fight shadow traits that cause excessive behaviors.

As a protection bracelet, this stone is also used to protect its wearer from negative energies that cause bad luck and misfortune.


Mani Mantra for Good Luck & Happiness

Engraved on the beads is the Mani Mantra. Buddhist monks recite this mantra while making the bracelet to bring good luck and happiness.


All in One Feng Shui Bracelet

This black obsidian Pixiu bracelet is a powerful charm to wear this year. Get this all in one feng shui bracelet to attract the energy you need for improving the important aspects of your life!


How Do You Use the Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet?

To activate its effects, wear the Pixiu black obsidian bracelet on your receiving hand. The receiving side of the body is the non-dominant hand, which in most cases, is the left hand.


MAIN FUNCTION: Feng shui bracelet for wealth


  • Item Type: Feng Shui Bracelet
  • Bead Size: 4.72" (12 mm)
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Material: Natural Black Obsidian Stone, Gold-Plated Metal



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This is a great bracelet. Looks much better in person. Great for a male or female. Great gift for someone who needs some of that Lucky Karma :)


I love my bracelet very much !!! excellent quality beautiful colors I am very excited my bracelet came in great condition same as the picture


Looks amazing and fits well.


I love it already. I can definitively attest that the bracelet does work:). I see what it does and it works!


Quality looks great right of the bag. Feels and looks great. Will do update after a couple of days to see how it holds up but so far so good.


Great looking and hopefully powerful