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Double Pixiu Gold-Plated Prosperity Bracelet

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Obtain the power of not just one but two lucky Pixiu with this Double Pixiu Gold-Plated Prosperity Bracelet!

🐉 Pixiu – Mythical Creature of Abundance 🐉

Legend has it that the Pixiu is blessed with a huge mouth that can swallow riches in the world. But this mythical dragon is also cursed with a sealed anus. Its ability to feed on treasures and the inability to expel them make the Pixiu a symbol of abundance and fortune.

Wear two of this prosperity symbol and double its wealth-drawing powers!


  • Attract and preserve wealth
  • Improve fortune
  • Ward off negative energy and evil spirits

Product Details:

  • Auspicious Mani Mantra etched on Black Obsidian beads
  • Materials: Gold-plated Copper, Natural Stone
  • Bead Size: approx. 0.47" (12 mm)
  • Bracelet Size: approx. 6.69" (17 cm)


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