Year of the Rat: Personality, Predictions, and Feng Shui

Year of the Rat: Personality, Predictions, and Feng Shui

Is Year of the Rat lucky in 2020? If you were born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rat, you will face challenges this year. But with the Rat’s personality and some feng shui 2020 tips, you can overcome those challenges for a fruitful year ahead.

Find out what’s in store for people born under the Rat symbol in the Year of the Metal Rat.



According to one myth, the Rat tricked the Ox to win the race that decided the zodiac animals’ order. The Rat deceived the Ox into giving him a ride. Just when they are about to reach the finish line, the Rat jumped down and landed ahead of the Ox. This is how the Rat becomes first of all zodiac animals.

The story just shows how intelligent the Rat is, which has become its defining trait until today.

People born in the Year of the Rat are clever and quick-thinkers. They have rich imaginations and sharp observations. Rats are also energetic and optimistic, which makes it easier for them to make friends.

While kind, they can be poor communicators. This often leads to a misunderstanding that they are brash.

Although they are resourceful, they lack courage.

In Chinese culture, they are perceived as diligent and thrift animals. This is why rats are used to represent wealth and prosperity.


Rat Year Elements

Year of the Rat - Rat Year Elements

Zodiac signs are further associated with one of the five elements. In Chinese culture, these elements contribute to the different personality types of a zodiac.

Discover how these elements affect the Rat’s personality below.

  • Metal (1960, 2020) – Reliable and stable with the power to turn unlucky events into a fortune.
  • Water (1972, 2032) – Encounter hardships in the early days, but they achieve success during their middle ages. Relatives and close friends may burden them.
  • Earth (1948, 2008) – Charismatic speakers but slightly possessive. They are confronted with hardships at birth but can withstand them.
  • Fire (1936, 1996) – Average people during their youth, but their high IQs and EQs help them develop and build a fortune in the middle and later ages.
  • Wood (1924, 1984) – Multi-talented, strong-willed, and they always finish what they started.



Year of the Rat - Compatibility


If you were born in the Year of the Rat, you will get along with the following zodiac animals:

  • Ox – Rat and Ox complement and help one another at work and at home.
  • Monkey – Rat and Monkey get along well and tend to live a happy life.
  • Dragon – Rat and Dragon foster understanding with each other, creating a good relationship between them.


The least compatible animals with the Rat are:

  • Horse – Rat and Horse clash strongly. No matter what the Rat does, it won’t be enough for the Horse.
  • Rooster – Rat and Rooster lack tolerance toward each other.


Predictions for the Year of the Rat

In Chinese culture, a zodiac’s year is traditionally the most unfortunate. So, people born under the Rat are in conflict with the Tai Sui this year. Tai Sui is the God of Age, the star representing the presiding god in Metal Rat 2020.

Although the year of the Rat 2020 predictions tells of ill-fortune and challenges, this year will perform reasonably well for the Rat. This is especially true if they align themselves with the Tai Sui feng shui.


Success will come in a Rat’s career. There will be some trials, but they will also receive recognition from their bosses. As long as they push a bit harder for their goals, their efforts will be rewarded. Promotions and exclusive bonuses will come to them.


With their hard work, finances will be good this year for the Rat. Year 2020 may be filled with bad omens, but their optimism, quick-thinking, and clever skills can double their income. It would also help to invest, but avoid high-risk or speculative accounts like stocks and gambling. Being wise will keep the money flowing for Rats.


For students, people born in the Rat year will achieve good academic standing. While they will be confronted with more academic challenges, their intelligent and rich imaginations will help them meet their goals. Just make sure to have some downtime to maintain good health and avoid stress and illnesses in 2020.


Rats will benefit from enough sleep every night. They will need it because they are more prone to sicknesses like colds and fatigue this year. That said, work on boosting your immune system. Go to your doctor immediately at the first sign of an illness. A relaxing vacation will also help to avoid psychological stress.


For Rats looking for love, luck is not in your favor in metal rat 2020. This is especially true if you are single. Rats may easily find someone attractive due to their charming personalities, but the likelihood of it blossoming into a relationship is low. For married couples, you will face challenges in your relationship. Arguments will frequent the relationship, so it advised to work for an open environment between the two of you.


Rats will attain success in the workplace and education. However, they will face some setbacks with their health and relationships. Overall, they are more fortunate than the other zodiacs that are in conflict with the Tai Sui. Their personality will help them overcome the bad omens and experience a great year.


Lucky Things for Rats

  • Numbers: 2, 3, and any number containing them (like 23 and 32)
  • Colors: green, gold, blue
  • Directions of auspiciousness: southeast, northeast
  • Directions of wealth: southeast, east
  • Directions of love: west


Unlucky Things for Rats

  • Numbers: 5, 9
  • Colors: yellow, brown


Famous People Born in the Rat Year

Mozart, William Shakespeare, John F. Kennedy Jr., George Bush Sr., George Washington, Richard Nixon, Prince Charles, Ben Affleck, Scarlett Johansson, Shaquille O’Neal, Mark Zuckerberg


Is Year of the Rat Lucky in 2020 for Rats?

Year of the Rat - Year of the Rat Lucky in 2020 for Rats


While Rats will be facing bad omens and challenges in the Year of the Rat, they will generally have a great year ahead of them. The year would even be bountiful if they will follow the Feng Shui 2020 ways on how to attract luck in the Year of the Metal Rat.

Want to be luckier this year? Find out how to activate flying stars to feng shui your home in 2020!

Also, learn how to use feng shui symbols to attract wealth and prosperity.

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