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Celebrities Wearing Red Bracelet

In recent years, the charm of red string bracelets has taken the world by storm. This is thanks to celebs donning one.

But why do celebrities wear a red string bracelet?

Here, let's explore the reasons why celebrities are wearing the red string bracelet.



Why Do Celebrities Wear Red String Bracelet

Some celebrities wear red bracelets to show their faith, while others wear them for luck and protection.


Red String Bracelets Symbolize Faith

Madonna red bracelet

The craze behind red strings started in the late 90s when pop star icon Madonna immersed herself in the practice of Kabbalah, the mystical form of Judaism.

Like a symbol of embracing the religion, Madonna has worn the red string bracelet in plenty of gatherings and events. She’s even influenced other celebs to join in on her newfound faith at that time, such as Britney Spears, Demi Moore, and Ashton Kutcher.

Ariana Grande also sported the same red bracelet to show her Kabbalist faith.


Red String Bracelets Ward Off the Evil Eye 


Aside from showing faith, the Kabbalah red string bracelet celebrities wear is also specifically used to ward off the “evil eye.” The evil eye is a malicious gaze that causes negative energies to enter one’s life, harming victims.

Since famous people are prone to malicious gazes from people around them, they found solace in the “powers” of the red thread bracelet.

Actress Lisa Rinna is a believer of the red bracelet's protective power.


Red String Bracelets Bring Good Luck

Leonardo DiCaprio red bracelet

Likewise, Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted wearing a red bracelet during his meeting with Pope Francis in 2016. He was also seen wearing it at the SAG Awards during a Q&A session for his film, The Revenant.

But no, he’s not associated with Kabbalah.

The truth is that he picked up the red bracelet while visiting Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

The monks in Cambodia are known for giving these red bracelets away in return for a donation. Such bracelets are blessed to bring its wearer good luck.


Wrapping Up

There are various reasons why celebrities wear a red string bracelet. Some would wear it to show their faith while others believe in its benefits. And for other celebs, they wear one simply for fashion.

How about you? What is your reason for wearing a red string bracelet?


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