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The Benefits of Wearing a Pixiu Bracelet

The Pixiu bracelet is a popular feng shui charm that promises tons of benefits to those who wear it. From enhancing wealth, offering protection, to bringing good luck, this bracelet is a worthy piece as much as it is a fashion statement.

To learn the benefits of the bracelet, first, let us get to know the creature attached to its strings.


What is Pixiu?

what is Pixiu
Pixiu, also known as Piyao, is considered a creature of wealth in Chinese tradition.

For feng shui beginners, this creature looks like a Fu Dog. It also resembles a winged lion, but with the head of a dragon.

Many stories have been told about Pixiu. One popular legend about it is that it is the pet of the Grand Duke of Jupiter. People respected Piyao because it was associated with a powerful entity.

Another story speaks of Pixiu being a cursed mythical beast.

A long time ago, Pixiu was a voracious eater. Its big, open mouth is said to devour treasures from all directions.

But one day, it violated a sacred law.

The creature defecated on the floor of Heaven. This angered the Jade Emperor, which prompted him to punish Pixiu by sealing its rectum.

All these stories led to the beliefs of Pixiu’s many powers.


How the Pixiu Bracelet Benefits You

How do these stories translate to the Pixiu bracelet’s wonders? Here, discover the benefits of the Pixiu bracelet that launched this feng shui charm to popularity.


1. It attracts wealth energy

Pixiu bracelet benefits – enhance wealth

Previously, we mentioned about Piyao’s ability to consume the riches of the world. As a creature of wealth, it is believed to help its owner improve his finances.

If you carry Pixiu as a bracelet, the creature will serve you by hunting down prosperous energy from all directions. This energy is needed to bring balance to the feng shui element associated with wealth.


2. It preserves your riches

Pixiu bracelet benefits – protect wealth

Pixiu’s curse is one’s blessing.

With a sealed rectum, this creature cannot expel everything it consumes. And it can only eat treasures like gold and silver. That means those treasures are sealed forever. Luckily for you, this symbolizes Piyao being able to bring wealth and never let it go.

Thus, wearing a Pixiu bracelet is believed to guard your wealth.


3. It protects you against negative energy

Pixiu bracelet benefits – protection against negativity

Aside from being a wealth symbol, Pixiu is also a protective charm.

In fact, it is the only feng shui cure that can appease the Tai Sui (Grand Duke of Jupiter). You’d want to be spared from the wrath of the Tai Sui because, in feng shui, it is a god in charge of your fate. The Grand Duke can inflict misfortune, illness, calamity, and even death when offended.

This is why you must show that you’re taking care of Pixiu to soothe Tai Sui’s anger.

It also serves as a cure for other negative energies in the feng shui flying stars. Wearing this bracelet can protect you from the Illness Star (annual star #2) and the Bad Luck Star (annual star #5).


4. It brings good luck

Pixiu bracelet benefits – bring good luck

If you want something good to happen, Pixiu can do it for you.

This bracelet is a powerful charm for attracting luck. Specifically, it is known for having the ability to invite success luck and windfall luck to its wearer. That’s why it’s popular among businesses, investors, and gamblers.


Harness the Powers of the Pixiu Bracelet

If you’re looking to improve your wealth and secure your finances, the Pixiu bracelet is a potent charm that offers those benefits. It also helps you get protected from the bad luck that is coming your way.

Check out our collection of Pixiu bracelets and get your own wealth charm today.

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