The Best Feng Shui Jewelry To Have A Positive End of the Year

How has 2022 been for you so far? Are you feeling down and miserable? Is your financial situation not so good? 

Or have you maybe had extreme luck: your career is growing, your love life is finally blooming, and you’ve had an overall good year and now you just want to make sure to continue this streak until next year?

Whether you’ve been having the best or worst time of your life, we’re here to help you ensure that you can have a positive end to 2022 and a prosperous new year!

Learn about the best feng shui jewelry to end the year and the many ways you can use them for a bright 2023 ahead.

Ranging from increasing financial luck, protection from negativity, bringing balance to your life, and many more, these charms are sure to give you that good luck streak you need.

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The Five Best Feng Shui Items


Black Obsidian Pixiu Feng Shui Bracelet

As one of the most famous feng shui jewelry, the black obsidian pixiu feng shui bracelet combines the protective powers of the black obsidian and the pixiu dragon to drive away negative energy while attracting powerful wealth luck.

The pixiu dragon is an auspicious symbol in Chinese culture known for bringing wealth to its master, especially since it eats riches and keeps them in its belly. 

On the other hand, black obsidian is a stone known for its protective energies that not only drive away toxicity and negativity but also help absorb positive energies.

This powerful charm is something you can wear for prosperity to end your 2022 and welcome the upcoming new year with positivity!


7 Chakra Stone Bracelet

If your goal is to achieve more balance and gain positive energy in both your physical and spiritual life, then the 7 chakra stone bracelet is the best feng shui jewelry for you.

Made up of seven individual stones that correspond to each chakra in your body, this bracelet is sure to bring good energy and stability to your life.

Chakras are energy centers or discs of energy that need to be balanced. An imbalance in the chakra may cause problems in both physical and emotional wellness. 

The gemstones in this chakra bracelet vary in color and properties, bringing immense benefits and advantages to the wearer:

  • Crown Chakra - Amethyst aids in bringing spiritual awareness
  • Third Eye Chakra - Lapis Lazuli promotes mental clarity
  • Throat Chakra - Turquoise helps in self-expression
  • Heart Chakra - Imperial Stone invokes love
  • Solar Plexus Chakra - Tiger’s Eye increases self-control
  • Sacral Chakra - Amber Resin promotes pleasure
  • Root Chakra - Onyx aids in stability

Promoting balance is a key aspect you surely want to maintain to end the year on a positive note. And the best way to achieve this is through the 7 chakra stone bracelet, especially if you are having difficulty feeling stable or grounded.


Tibetan Buddhist Red String Lucky Bracelet

Another famous piece of feng shui jewelry is the lucky red string bracelet known for its positive properties of bringing luck and good fortune to the wearer.

In Buddhist culture, the red string is known as a life force symbol that serves as a powerful good luck charm.

Together with the six true words mantra or the Om Mani Padme Hum (known as one of the most powerful mantras), the red string lucky bracelet is a piece of jewelry that will attract all things good, protect you from negativity, and help you achieve happiness.

It is finely crafted and handmade by Tibetan Buddhist monks, and will be a powerful charm for a great end and new year!


Jade Pixiu Abundance Protection Bracelet

If attracting prosperity, abundance, and positivity is your ultimate goal to end this year then the Jade Pixiu Abundance Protection Bracelet is your best bet this coming Black Friday sale.

Known as a stone of luck, jade is a famous stone in feng shui culture for bringing prosperity to businesses and career endeavors.

It is also known to bring energies of healing and protection, making this a wonderful bracelet for those suffering from negative thoughts such as loneliness and anger.

Together with the pixiu dragon, which is an auspicious symbol of financial luck and wealth, this bracelet provides you with a positive end to the year filled with good fortune, money luck, and harmony perfect for the upcoming year!


Mantra Engraved Pixiu Feng Shui Ring

For those not too keen on wearing bracelets and want more of a subtle but still extremely stylish piece of jewelry that packs a statement, the Mantra Engraved Pixiu Feng Shui Ring is best for you.

This beautiful ring uses the powers of the Om Mani Padme Hum which is a powerful protection mantra. Each syllable helps drive out negative energies so you can welcome positive energies into your life at the end of the year:

  • Om - purifies Ego
  • Ma - purifies Jealousy
  • Ni - purifies Desire
  • Pad - purifies Ignorance
  • Me - purifies Greed
  • Hum - purifies Hatred

This bracelet also uses the pixiu dragon’s symbol, making it a spectacular ring for bringing in good energies of wealth and finances.

Kick out toxicity and greet the new year happily and stress-free with this jewelry!


How to Wear and Who Can Wear

Feng shui bracelets and rings must be worn on your left hand as the left side is considered the receptive side of your body.

Do not wear them on your right wrist since this is the giving side which means it will release the energies instead. In this regard, only the 7 chakra stone bracelet can be worn on either hand as it works to bring balance and harmony.

All bracelets and rings that feature the pixiu dragon cannot be worn by those under 16 years of age and over 70 years of age, as well as pregnant women.

This is because the pixiu dragon is a fearsome creature that may disturb the energies of those within this age group, who still have weak chi.

Some of the jewelry we listed above that can be worn by all people regardless of age and status are the 7 chakra stone bracelet and the Tibetan Buddhist red string bracelet. 


How to Activate

Activating your feng shui jewelry allows you to maximize its benefits so you can make the most out of them:

  1. Keep a goal in mind. Having a mantra that you repeat daily helps vastly in manifesting your goals for a positive year. 
  2. Work towards your goal. You must work hard towards your goal while your feng shui jewelry aids you in making these goals come true.
  3. Wear it properly. Wearing your jewelry on the wrong wrist may cause you to release rather than absorb the positive energies the feng shui jewelry attracts. 


How to Clean

Cleaning your feng shui jewelry is important to remove excess energy. To physically clean them, use a soft cloth to remove dirt and debris.

For spiritual cleansing, performing moonlight cleansing, sage cleansing, or the use of a Tibetan cleansing bowl is advised.


Dos and Don'ts

Here are some feng shui tips to make sure you are properly using your feng shui jewelry.



  1. Do cleanse your jewelry regularly to avoid excess energy.

  2. Do wear your jewelry properly to attract and absorb positive and prosperous energies.

  3. Do keep a goal in mind and be clear about what you want the jewelry to help you achieve.



  1. Do not wear feng shui jewelry that is not appropriate to your age or conditions.
  2. Do not wear your jewelry on the wrong hand and wrist.
  3. Do not forget to work towards your goal – manifesting without working is not enough.


How to Know if Feng Shui Jewelry is Real

To check the authenticity of your feng shui jewelry, check for the following things: price, quality, and source.

If the jewelry’s price is too good to be true then it is probably fake. Authentic feng shui jewelry uses real gemstones and materials that are worth the price. 

Another thing to note is the quality of the jewelry. Check if the gemstones are legitimate. And lastly, check the source. Make sure to get your jewelry from a reliable and trusted store with quality items.

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Final Thoughts

From bringing luck, wealth, and protection, these bracelets and rings we enumerated are certain to bring you a positive and prosperous year ahead.

Score them at amazing prices this coming Black Friday Sale and watch the good fortune come right into your hands!

What are you waiting for? Get them now and end your 2022 with the wonderful benefits they offer!


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