How to Practice Spiritual Self-Care

How to Practice Spiritual Self-Care

When we read about tips on self-care, we often see treating yourself to your favorite food, getting a massage, engaging in retail therapy, or other fun things to do. But did you know that as important as physical and mental self-care is, spiritual care also matters?


Spiritual care involves connecting with your deeper self and is rooted in both scientific data and Buddhist teachings. It is just as necessary as other forms of self-care. You may be able to do other things but if you do not try to connect with your inner self and recognize your purpose, then your energy ultimately gets drained which will leave you still unsatisfied. Learning to care for yourself in all aspects is vital because neglect can lead to higher levels of stress and even illness.

Spiritual self-care is done by connecting with your true self, forming important connections, and setting intentions in everything that you do. Understanding what’s important to you and how this leads to your unique path and journey in life is necessary so you can achieve the inner growth and enlightenment you need for true fulfillment. Here are some ways how you can take care of your spiritual self.

Truly Understanding Yourself

Regardless of whether you’re busy with work, school, running a business, or managing a household, you need to understand your authentic self. Knowing the reason for your goals is one way to understand your true purpose. To do this, try assessing things you enjoy doing – your passions and how they shape your outlooks, and how you might be neglecting them due to your responsibilities.

Taking time for reflection and understanding the values and goals you have is a way to connect with your inner self. You can achieve this by doing a variety of things like journaling and meditation. Using a meditation wand like a  quartz crystal amethyst helps you acquire better levels of spiritual awareness. Amethyst promotes calmness and balance while purifying negative energy so it is the perfect tool for when you need to reach a higher level of focus.

Being Intentional With Your Energy

Opportunities may always be seen as a good thing but stretching yourself out too thin can often lead to burnout and stress. Reflecting on what you deem as the most important in your life is crucial so you can allocate your energy and time towards things that really matter to you.


Allotting too much energy towards people, a job, or a specific environment that hinders your growth is not healthy in the long run. It is always better to move forward and choose what will be best for yourself – this is one great form of spiritual self-care that will lead to long-term happiness. Learn to avoid draining activities or situations that will not help you grow individually and spiritually.

Connecting With People for Growth

While taking time for yourself and doing introspection is also important, connecting with people for your growth and forming connections is also one way to grow spiritually. As the saying goes, “No man is an island”. Finding a connection based on shared interests and desires with other people helps you absorb positive energy. This radiates into better self-esteem and gaining more knowledge about yourself and others. 

Connecting with others especially when you share the same advocacy or passion is a good way to feed your soul’s purpose (especially during times when you may feel alone in your goals). Not only will you attain encouragement from others, but you can also provide them with a form of spiritual enrichment in return.


Utilizing specific gemstones such as hematite can help improve relationships with other people. Wearing jewelry like a  balancing hematite agate protection bracelet helps by balancing the energies between the body, mind, and spirit. It also attracts feelings of courage and vitality, allowing you to bond with others with positive energy and attitude.

Investing Energy On Things That Matter


Spiritual self-care is one of the most important ways you can take care of yourself for long-term growth and happiness. Understanding your purpose, passion, and aspirations will allow you to navigate life with a happier mindset and a healthier body. We hope these tips give you a sense of how you can easily practice this form of self-care – be it at home or in the workplace.


When was the last time you reflected and meditated for your peace and growth? Have you formed any new connections lately? Make sure to take time for yourself and to invest your energy where it matters most.




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