How to Attract Positive Energy into Your Life

How to Attract Positive Energy into Your Life

In life, we often find ourselves facing multiple challenges and difficulties. Sometimes it’s hard to keep a positive attitude and remain hopeful, especially if you're constantly surrounded by negative energy at home, school, or work. 

However, we should always strive to bring positive energy as it hosts a multitude of benefits. Not only does positive thinking help you finish your daily activities and goals; it also contributes to better mental and physical well-being. While several activities can bring positivity to your life, one of the easiest ways to attract good energy is by wearing jewelry. Since ancient times, specific gemstones and jewelry have been associated with attracting positive energy and deflecting negativities. In this blog post, we will be discussing four gemstones that serve as the easiest way to attract positive energy into your life.


Tourmaline is a healing crystal that helps create a shield for its wearer to stop negative energy from entering one's space. It is a grounding stone that promotes balance on both hemispheres of a person’s brain to remove negative emotions and change them into positive energy. Tourmaline is also a stone considered to be the “gateway to the inner self”. It activates the heart chakra, cleansing energy blockages and promoting positive energy by removing insecurities, anger, fear, and other negative forces. Wearing jewelry like the  Watermelon Tourmaline Necklace promotes happiness, soothes emotions, and balances energy. Aside from being a rare form of tourmaline in beautiful shades of pink and green, pairing this necklace with any outfit will immediately help give you a brighter day ahead.

Rainbow Obsidian

Rainbow Obsidian, also called Heaven Eye, is a gentler version of the Black Obsidian but has similar powerful and protective properties. Since ancient times, this crystal has been used for clairvoyance, allowing its wearer to clearly "see" issues arising and helping them to easily find solutions. It is a highly grounding and positive stone as it cleanses auras of negativity. Rainbow Obsidian is also a powerful meditation stone that helps bring gratification and enjoyment to its wearer, alleviating feelings of stress, depression, fear, and despair – exactly what you need during difficult times when life seems bleak. The  Rainbow Eye Obsidian Sphere helps in bringing positive feelings to its wearer and is useful in grounding the spirit, especially during meditation.


This gemstone is known to promote positivity not only within the individual but among others as well. Chalcedony promotes goodwill and unity among people, dispelling feelings of hostility, anger, and other negative emotions around the one who wears it. This powerful healing stone is considered the "mother stone" which brings protection and nurturing feelings to its wearer while also promoting vitality, kindness, and charity among others. The  Natural White Chalcedony Positivity Bracelet is a great piece of jewelry for those struggling with engaging kindly towards others. It promotes joy and calmness, helping its wearer be more harmonious and friendly among people.




Jade is one of the most famous gemstones known to help promote calm and peace. This healing stone represents the heart chakra and is used for grounding peaceful energies to its wearer – especially during periods of conflict. Using jewelry with the jade crystal can bring the much-needed positivity you need as it attracts feelings of serenity in all aspects of the human person whether emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual. It also protects its wearer from negative spirits and energies. Jade attracts divine energy hence why it is also commonly used for good luck. Wearing jewelry like the  Natural Green Jade Harmony Necklace is best for those feeling shaken or unstable with their emotions and need grounding and tranquility – especially regarding worries on health and of the heart.


Welcome Positive Energy Into Your Life

Attracting positive energy, although difficult especially during times of conflict, is not impossible. The four gemstones we enumerated above will help you ensure that positive energy remains with you at all times. While other activities also promote beneficial energy, using these gemstones is an easy way to always have a piece of “positivity”, and is perfect for those always on the go. 


Here at Inner Wisdom, we help you find ways to attract positive energy so you can remain your best self in all aspects. Remember that attracting positive energy not only deflects negative energy emotionally but also protects you from physical and spiritual difficulties. Which gemstone do you think is best suited for you?



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