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4 Ways How the Lucky Red String Bracelet Benefits You

What do you get from wearing a lucky red string bracelet?

The lucky red bracelet meaning  varies in different cultures. Some wear it for fashion while others don it for religious purposes.

But for many others, putting on red thread bracelets is thought to benefit its wearers. How?

Here are some of the lucky red string bracelet benefits you may enjoy when you wear it:

  • Protection from the “evil eye”
  • Brings good luck and fortune
  • Helps you fulfill your utmost desires
  • Serves as a connection to your soulmate

Below, let’s take a look at each of the benefits of wearing a lucky red bracelet.


Protects You from the Evil Eye

evil eye bracelet red string

In Jewish tradition, people believe that wearing red string wards off the evil eye. But what is this evil eye?

According to many cultures, the evil eye is a curse that is brought upon a person through a malevolent glare. It can be from someone who is jealous of you and looks at you with ill intention.

This evil eye causes the negative energy to enter your life. Such energy curses you with bad luck and misfortune. Worst, it can be a harmful curse that may cause injury.

There are various ways to fight the evil eye. One way is by wearing a lucky red string bracelet, which is associated with Kabbalah beliefs. Kabbalah refers to the occult knowledge in Jewish tradition.

Wearing a lucky red bracelet on the left wrist serves as a talisman to protect its wearer against the evil eye. The red string must be knotted seven times as you chant the Kabbalah bracelet prayer to gain the protection of this amulet.


Brings You Good Luck and Fortune

red string

Apart from warding off evil, red strings are also tied with luck. In feng shui, the color red is the ultimate color. Red is a “cure” blessed with auspicious energy many times than that of other colors.

Red string brings you good luck and fortune. It is also the color of success, happiness, and prosperity. This is why you can see many homes and businesses hanging charms and crystals with a red string.

The same holds true in Tibetan Buddhism.

In this religious belief, a Buddhist leader wears a red thread around their wrist during rituals. By chanting mantras, he blesses the thread, turning it into a lucky bracelet.


Helps you Fulfill Your Utmost Desires

red string bracelet

The lucky red bracelet benefits in feng shui don’t stop in bringing you luck and fortune. People also believe that this bracelet can help fulfill your dreams and wishes.

There is a popular belief that when you tie a red string while making a wish, it will make your desires come true.

According to legends, when the red string you wear falls off on its own, it means your wish has already come true. Or if not, it is about to be realized shortly.

So, if you want a wish to come true or you or you are deadest on fulfilling an intention, put on a lucky red bracelet and believe in its powers.


Connects You to Your Soulmate

red string of fate


Ever heard of the red string of fate?

It’s an East Asian belief that originated from Chinese culture. Legends tell that the red string of fate is an invisible cord that connects two people destined to meet each other.

The red string of fate determines your true love. It connects you to your soulmate, regardless of place, time, or circumstances. The red string of fate is governed by Yue Lao, the Chinese God of Marriage.

Based on such legend, people believe that wearing a lucky red bracelet connects you to your destined lover.


Bonus: Attracts and Keeps Your Wealth

Lucky Red String Bracelet - Attracts and Keeps Your Wealth

Some lucky red bracelets may include other symbols that make them even more powerful. For instance, a red string bracelet with a Pixiu symbol makes it a potent cure for wealth luck.

This is because Pixiu is one of the most powerful feng shui bracelets for wealth.

Watch out for such symbols to determine what additional benefits a lucky red bracelet offers.


Reaping the Lucky Red String Bracelet Benefits

At Inner Wisdom Store, we want to share our knowledge of various cultures and traditions that are associated with the red string. This is because we want to honor these past beliefs, and we want you to be aware of the lucky red string benefits that could best serve your purpose.

If you want to enjoy any of these benefits, be sure to check out our collection of lucky red bracelets for sale.

What are you waiting for? Get yours today!


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August 02, 2020

I’m alittle nervous, I put my red string san benito bracelet on myself, and couldn’t tie it 7 times since I put it on myself. I also, put mine on the right wrist not knowing it was suppose to be on left. I took it off just to shower a few times. But, as of today i’m no longer taking it off. Scared to take it off now, Any advice for me?

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