The Best Feng Shui Protection Bracelets in 2021


Do you want to feel protected this year? Whether you want to feel secure about your finances, health, or general well-being, a feng shui protection bracelet may just do the trick.

In this post, find some of the best feng shui protection bracelets to wear this 2021.



A protection bracelet is a type of feng shui bracelet worn to defend the body or spirit. Since ancient times, protection bracelets are used as talismans to shield one’s self from negative energy, psychic attacks, illnesses, bad luck, and even evil spirits.

Today, the use of protection bracelets remains a popular practice, especially among feng shui enthusiasts.



Now that you know what is a protection bracelet, it’s time to wear it. Here, we listed down five of the best feng shui bracelets for protection that may defend you from the negative energies of 2021.

Discover protection charms that will shield you from bad luck, evil eye, sickness, loss of money, and misfortune that may befall you in the year of the Metal Ox.


Red String Bracelet – Protection Against the Evil Eye

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In Chinese traditions, red is the ultimate color. It is considered a feng shui cure that blesses people with good luck and fortune. But aside from being a cure, it also serves as a protective charm to ward off the evil eye.

A red string bracelet is worn to defend one’s self against malicious gazes. It is believed to grant psychic protection against negative energies from people that may harm you. That’s why red string bracelets are also known as the evil eye protection bracelet.


Double Pixiu Bracelet – Protection Against Financial Losses

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When it comes to securing your finances, Pixiu is the charm to go. Pixiu is known as a creature of wealth in the feng shui culture. It is traditionally used to attract money energy to improve your wealth area.

But aside from drawing wealth, Pixiu also helps protect your finances. In particular, a pair of Pixiu amulets is said to give protective powers over your wealth. The male Pixiu, Tiān lù, is in charge of attracting wealth while the female Pixiu, Bìxié, is responsible for keeping your finances safe.


Wu Lou Bracelet – Protection Against Illnesses

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The Chinese gourd, or Wu Lou, is one of the most popular feng shui symbols for health. Wearing a Wu Lou bracelet is thought to prevent you from becoming sick. Why is that?

It’s because the Wu Lou is a classic feng shui remedy for the “Illness Star.” The Illness Star is a malevolent star in the feng shui flying stars that inflict people with sickness. The Wu Lou bracelet is said to contain energy that protects you against the Illness Star, thus shielding you from poor health.


Chinese Zodiac Bracelet – Protection Against Bad Luck

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If you need protection against bad luck in general, your Chinese zodiac animal will serve you well. According to Chinese beliefs, our respective zodiac symbol acts as our guardian animal to counter the bad luck that comes our way.

Our zodiac symbols neutralize negative energies that cause us to figure in accidents, pain, and even death. Wear the zodiac that corresponds to your birth year to protect yourself from all forms of misfortune.


Triple Protection Bracelet – The Ultimate Protection Bracelet

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Combining three protection crystals, the Triple Protection Bracelet is a powerful charm to give you the spiritual defense you need. Featuring Tiger’s Eye, Black Obsidian, and Hematite, it triples the protective power of a single bracelet — making it the ultimate protection bracelet to wear this year.

The crystal beads in this bracelet are said to shield the wearer from all forms of negativity that can affect us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. These stones then purify the negative energy to keep us safe at all times.



Wearing a protection bracelet is a personal choice. But if you want to feel protected from the negative energy that comes with the year, a bracelet for protection may serve you well.

Just don’t forget to be cautious every time while these protection bracelets work their magic.

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