The Best Feng Shui Bracelets for Wealth in 2021


Has the past year been good to you in terms of your finances? If not, you may be lacking the essential energy to live a prosperous life. Here’s what you can do.

If you want to be more abundant in the coming year, these wealth bracelets may just do the trick. In this post, we rounded up the best feng shui bracelets you can wear to attract money based on our feng shui 2021 predictions.

Read on to learn which feng shui bracelets would bring you wealth energy in 2021.



In the feng shui tradition, the Chinese believe that life is comprised of nine specific areas. Each area can be improved by attracting the corresponding energy that is attuned with it.

A wealth bracelet works by attracting money energy into our lives. By bringing in such abundant energy, it is thought to influence our experiences. This activates the wealth area of those who wear the feng shui bracelet, helping them to enjoy a more prosperous life.



To attract prosperous energy into your life, you can wear one of the Chinese wealth bracelets below. This year, we picked the best feng shui bracelets for money according to the lucky colors and the ruling element of 2021.


Green Jade Bracelet

feng shui bracelet for wealth - jade

Buy Green Jade Bracelet

Long ago, green jade was the secret to the wealth of affluent people in Eastern cultures. Those who own a business would keep a piece of the stone in their homes because jade is considered a guiding stone. It is believed to promote the wisdom you need when making important financial decisions.

As a growth crystal, green jade helps keep your wealth growing too. This is ideal if you’re starting a new business as jade also assists in building your luck in the long term.


Chinese Coin Bracelet

Buy Chinese Coin Bracelet

Chinese coins are considered an auspicious symbol in feng shui. They are traditionally used for feng shui money cures, activating energies of money and abundance into one’s life.

These old coins come in round shape with a square hole in the middle. This is believed to be a depiction of heaven surrounding earth. When worn, Chinese coins form the harmony of the “Heaven-Earth-Man” luck, which is said to bless you with wealth luck. It also acts as a protector of long-lasting finances.


Pixiu Bracelet

Buy Pixiu Bracelet

Pixiu is a mythical creature said to have the power to draw wealth in all directions. It’s known for having a voracious appetite, capable of eating only gold, silver, and jewels. However, when it violated a sacred law, it was cursed to have its anus sealed. Hence, it can’t excrete anything it eats, leading to the belief that carrying a Pixiu symbol can attract and guard wealth.

Chinese legends tell that a Pixiu charm made of metal gives optimum results. This is especially true in the Metal Ox year. Since the prevailing element is metal, wearing metal amulets like a gold-plated Pixiu is thought to bring more prosperity in 2021.


Tiger’s Eye Bracelet


feng shui bracelet for wealth - tiger's eye


Buy Tiger's Eye Bracelet

Tiger’s eye is a stone that promotes the power, courage, and fearlessness of a tiger. It is often used for starting a new venture, encouraging you to step out of the box, take action, and aim for greater success. That’s why tiger’s eye is considered a crystal for wealth.

A tiger’s eye bracelet is especially lucky in 2021 because of its dominant golden yellow color. This color is considered lucky as it is associated with the year’s zodiac animal, the Ox. The blue/black and red tiger’s eye stones would also help in wealth flow and filling the energy gaps this year.


Citrine Bracelet

Buy Citrine Bracelet

The citrine stone is arguably one of the most powerful crystals for wealth. It’s a stone for manifesting dreams and wishes, which is ideal for those who desire financial success. It’s the crystal bracelet to go for business owners and career people; no wonder it’s called “The Lucky Merchant’s Stone.”

Aside from its prosperous energy, citrine’s color is also perfect for the Metal Ox year. Its bright yellow stones will bring light to your path to an abundant life.



Feng shui is all about energy. When choosing a bracelet for wealth, try to feel the connection between you and the charm. Go for the accessory that speaks to you the most. The stronger your connection is with the bracelet, the more effective it gets.



To get the most out of your bracelet, you have to follow certain rules in feng shui. One common question here is which hand should you wear your wealth bracelet.

In feng shui, the non-dominant hand is considered the receiving hand. This means it’s the hand that lets you absorb the energy of your wealth bracelet. Hence, wear your feng shui bracelet on your receiving hand to receive its blessings of money luck.



Get authentic feng shui bracelets for wealth only from trusted stores. At Inner Wisdom Store, we help our customers find the right piece and equip them with the knowledge to maximize their wealth bracelets.

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Wealth bracelets are only good when you put on the needed effort to attract money. So, only use a feng shui bracelet for wealth to aid you in achieving financial wellness.

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We’re glad you love them, Maria!

Thank you for supporting us.

We’re glad you love them, Maria!

Thank you for supporting us.

Maria Phillips

Maria Phillips

LOVE ALL my Feng Shui Bracelets i bought. Thanks for all definitions it does. Thank you.

LOVE ALL my Feng Shui Bracelets i bought. Thanks for all definitions it does. Thank you.

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