The Best Feng Shui Bracelets for Love in 2021


Do you feel like you’re lacking some luck in the love area of your life? Can’t find a new partner? Having problems with your current relationship?

You might need a feng shui bracelet for love to improve the positive energy around you and boost your luck.

In this guide, discover the best feng shui bracelets to attract new love or strengthen your existing relationship this 2021.



In feng shui, life is made up of nine specific areas. Each area is influenced by specific chi (energy) that affects how we experience life.

One of these areas is love, marriage, and relationships.

A feng shui bracelet works by attracting positive energy into that area of life. This energy improves your experience concerning romantic relationships. By wearing a feng shui bracelet for love, it helps you attract new love or deepen your relationship with your current partner.


Garnet Stone Bracelet

feng shui bracelet for love

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Garnet stone is known as the stone of commitment. Since ancient times, this stone is believed to contain fiery energy that fuels passion and devotion. Its red color also symbolizes romantic connection or strong love.

Wear the garnet stone bracelet to open up the heart and inspire love. Associated with the heart chakra, this charm is said to help find new romance, rekindle old feelings, or improve existing relationships.


Yin Yang Bracelet

feng shui bracelet for love

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Yin Yang is considered a symbol of perfect balance in Chinese culture. The Yin represents female energy while the Yang embodies male energy. When worn as a bracelet, it is said to promote a balance of energy. This leads to harmonious relationships between two lovers.

The Yin Yang bracelet works best for couples who are separated from each other. The metaphysical properties of this bracelet are said to keep the connection between couples who don’t get to see each other often.


Dragon and Phoenix Bracelet

feng shui bracelet for love

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The Dragon and the Phoenix together represent blissful relationships. In feng shui, they complement each other and are considered the perfect couple. These celestial beings also embody the Yin (female) and Yang (male) energy, creating the perfect balance for a successful marriage.

Separately, they may symbolize different meanings. But when worn as a couple bracelet, the Dragon and the Phoenix signify that partners will stay together and experience a lasting relationship.


Rose Quartz Bracelet

feng shui bracelet for love

If you are looking to attract romance, rose quartz is arguably the best gemstone for the task. In feng shui, this pink stone is said to hold vibrations that can affect people’s emotions. That’s why this romance stone is often used to strengthen feelings of affection.

Rose quartz is also associated with the heart chakra. Thus, it is believed to open a person’s heart, allowing one to find love. Wear a rose quartz bracelet to attract love this year.



Wear a feng shui bracelet for love on your left hand to maximize its effects. Feng shui teaches us that the left hand is our receptive hand, which allows us to absorb the energy of your bracelet.



If you feel like you need a boost of luck in terms of romance, a feng shui bracelet for love may just do the trick.

Whether it be finding new love or improving your existing relationship, we got a charm bracelet for all your needs.

Be guided with ancient wisdom and wear our bracelets to enhance your love luck.

And if you're looking for other bracelets to improve your general luck, wealth, health, and more, read our 10 Best Feng Shui Bracelets to Wear This 2021!


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Teresa Deleza

Teresa Deleza

I would the rose and garnet bracelet.

I would the rose and garnet bracelet.

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