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The Benefits of Wearing a Feng Shui Citrine Bracelet

When it comes to crystals for attracting wealth, the citrine stone is simply one of the best. With its reputation as “The Lucky Merchant’s Stone,” this crystal makes a popular wealth bracelet.

Below, find out why citrine is a favorite crystal of choice for many. Discover the benefits of a feng shui citrine bracelet and why you should be wearing one soon.


What is Feng Shui Citrine Bracelet?

citrine stone bracelet benefits

Citrine is a crystal that holds a solar quality of energy. It is a helpful stone with many uses. These include improving health, promoting positivity, and boosting self-confidence.

As a merchant stone, citrine is also widely known as a money-enhancing crystal in feng shui. It helps manifest dreams, so it’s a great stone if you’re aiming for career or business success.

Because crystals work more effectively when you develop a deep relationship with them, it has become a common feng shui practice to carry them as jewelry. By wearing a citrine bracelet, you can bring the crystal with you all the time so you can connect with it continuously.

Today, you can find a variety of citrine bracelets combined with other crystals and symbols, including the Citrine Piyao Bracelet and the Citrine the God of Wealth Bracelet.


How the Feng Shui Citrine Bracelet Benefits You

When you strengthen your bond with your feng shui citrine bracelet, you’ll begin to enjoy its many benefits. Here are some of them.


1. It boosts your self-confidence.

citrine bracelet benefits – boost self-confidence

If you’re suffering from low self-esteem issues, your solar plexus chakra might be blocked. The solar plexus chakra, aka the third chakra, is the chakra that governs your personality.

Due to its innate solar energy, citrine makes a good healing crystal for the solar plexus chakra. When you unblock this chakra, you can feel more confident about yourself.


2. It aids in digestion.

citrine bracelet benefits – aids in digestion

Aside from self-confidence, the solar plexus chakra also governs the digestive system. When out of balance, you may suffer from digestion issues like stomach pain, acid reflux, and loss of appetite, among others.

When you clear the blockages in your solar plexus chakra, it provides healing to your body. Hence, citrine bracelets are great for your digestion problems. The stone also aids in issues with other organs related to your gut.


3. It promotes positivity.

citrine bracelet benefits – promotes positivity

Sometimes, we tend to attract negative energy on ourselves. Our self-doubts, feelings of helplessness, and control issues can weigh us down at times. These cloud the way we see things, and this mentality can be rooted in the third chakra too.

By wearing a citrine bracelet, it allows us to see the positive in any situation. The properties of citrine are known to transform negative thoughts into positive ones, creating a vibrant flow of energy in and around us.


4. It is a stone of manifestation.

citrine bracelet benefits – stone of manifestation

Once we can  see the positive in all situations, we can align ourselves with the power of the Divine. We can now acknowledge how great life is, and this positivity helps us create what we want to bring into our lives.

That’s what makes citrine a stone of manifestation. It helps turn our dreams into reality, which is ideal if you want your business or career to succeed. This brings us to the next benefit.


5. It helps in wealth creation.

citrine bracelet benefits – wealth creation

Because citrine helps in manifesting dreams into reality, it has become known as the merchant stone in many cultures. It allows its owner to create what he wants and amplify his intentions, thus allowing him to succeed in his financial endeavors.

And a successful business or career is equal to financial freedom. No wonder citrine is considered a wealth-attracting stone in feng shui.


6. It strengthens other crystal bracelets.

citrine bracelet benefits – amplify intentions

With its power to amplify intentions, citrine bracelets also complement other crystal bracelets. By wearing a citrine bracelet, it helps other crystal bracelets work more effectively. This is because citrine can strengthen the intentions you set in the other crystals.


Why Should You Wear a Feng Shui Citrine Bracelet?

Citrine’s light energy inspires a positive mindset that makes life happier. And when you’re able to find happiness, wealth and abundance will follow.

If you want your desires to manifest, you’ll never regret wearing a feng shui citrine bracelet. With its many benefits, you’ll get the most out of this beautiful wealth charm.


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