Chinese New Year Taboos to Avoid

Chinese New Year Taboos to Avoid

In our  last blog post, we discussed the different stories and legends surrounding the celebration of the Chinese New Year. With the exciting event coming up in a few days, it’s also vital to keep track of what we should and shouldn't do to maximize the great effects and abundant blessings that are sure to come. Today we will talk about some of the Chinese New Year taboos or things you must not do to attract fortune and happiness this 2022.

  1. Be positive and avoid negative emotions


While words with negative connotations must be avoided, we must also steer away from negative energy and emotions. Crying and having arguments during the New Year must be prevented as these may attract a year full of pain and negative emotions. In case it does occur due to unavoidable circumstances, a peacemaker such as neighbors in traditional times, would come to the home and help fix the argument. Arriving at a resolution is necessary to ensure a positive and smooth year ahead for the family.

  1. Avoid medical procedures

While medicine urgently needed is exempted, any other medically related thing such as taking medication, visiting the doctor, getting a vaccine jab, or performing and undergoing surgery is frowned upon and considered taboo during the Chinese New Year. This is because doing so attracts energy that may lead to being sick or frequent sickness for the entire year. Using a  Natural Emerald Abundance Pixiu Bracelet not only helps in inviting prosperity and good fortune; it also helps in attracting good health. Emerald is known as a healing stone as it has a soothing energy that provides vitality and strength to the body, mind, and soul of its wearer. Wearing this will be helpful to avoid sickness especially on the day of the new year itself.

  1. Do not borrow money or ask for debt payments

The New Year is all about inviting good fortune and prosperity, that's why borrowing money and asking someone to repay you during the New Year’s is considered to be bad luck. Borrowing money, in particular, may signal your financial difficulties during the entire year. It will also bring bad fortune to you and the involved party; remember that the celebration of a new year must be full of positivity. Avoiding this is a sign of understanding that fortune will approve of. If need be, you must borrow or ask for payment only five days after New Year’s. 

  1. Do not sweep or clean

Cleaning is very important before and after the celebration. On the day before, one must sweep the house to remove all the bad luck from one's home. However, on the day of the celebration itself, cleaning and throwing out items is forbidden as it equates to throwing away the good fortune that comes during the New Year. The same goes for the body, as people shouldn’t bathe on the actual day. To further increase the good fortune received in one's home, using money bags or hetian jade may increase good fortune. A  Lucky Wealth Bag Hetian Jade helps improve the wealth bag’s power as a symbol of wealth and success, attracting unending fortune through the hetian jade that grants wishes and dreams of its wearer. Make sure that you don’t bathe or clean during New Year’s day and wear the hetian jade necklace for maximized positive wealth energy.

  1. Do not break ceramic or glass

Breaking glass equates to breaking the connection to fortune and prosperity and is directly seen as a sign of bad luck. If a plate or vase does get broken, it must be immediately wrapped in red clothing or paper and say words asking for peace and security. After the New Year, the shards must be thrown out into a body of water (a lake or river). Remember to be careful especially during the New Year!

  1. Do not speak negatively

Saying words that have negative meanings is a big no-no and must be avoided – such as  death,  sick,  illness,  ghost,  empty,  pain, and the like. Words are powerful; discussions about these themes can invoke negative energy. Using such terms may cause jinxing of the self and other family members. To avoid misfortune coming your way, wearing tourmaline jewelry may help as it is a powerful heart stone. A  Watermelon Tourmaline necklace helps remove negative energy blockages such as insecurities, anger, and pain. It promotes happiness and inner peace to help remind you that positivity is the key during the New Year.

New Year and New Beginnings

The New Year is a day of beginnings. It is a time to welcome prosperity and good fortune and leave behind the negative emotions and events of the previous year. Chasing away bad luck and attracting good luck on all levels are very important. 

Now that you know some of the popular taboos during the Chinese New Year, you are all set to celebrate in the upcoming week! Follow our tips to have the best new year and maximize your chances of having a more prosperous year.




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