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Apache Tears Jewelry: Meaning, Properties & Benefits

Black obsidian is known for its protective powers against negative energy, just like the other dark-colored stones. However, its vibration may just be too intense for some people who are sensitive to the frequency of this gemstone. If this is the case, you may find the apache tears more to your liking.

The apache tears stone is one of the five different types of obsidian used in jewelry. It’s best known for its gentler energy compared to other black-colored crystals.

Below, let’s find out what makes this variant so special. Discover the apache tears meaning, properties, and benefits in this essential guide.


What are Apache Tears?

Name Apache Tears
Is A Variety Of Obsidian
Color Black or Dark Brown, Transparent
Associated With Root Chakra
Primary Use Emotional cleansing
Spiritual & Metaphysical Properties Protection against negative energy, grounding
Emotional Healing Helps in overcoming grief and trauma
Physical Benefits Aids in the body’s detoxification, balancing the energetic system


Apache tears are a form of obsidian that appear as oval-shaped stones. Often called obsidianates, they are basically a black obsidian stone in terms of general composition. However, apache tears are less glassy and have a rougher appearance.

Unlike black obsidian, apache tears formed when hot lava is spewed out of a volcano, solidifying mid-air right before they hit the ground.

Similar to the other obsidian types, apache tears are also considered a volcanic glass. That’s why you would find it semi-transparent when you hold the black stone against the light.


The Legend Behind Apache Tears

Although apache tears are known for their nourishing energy, the origin of its name is a very tragic story.

According to American Indian legends, a small group of warriors from the Apache tribe was being pursued by the US cavalry in the 1870s. While these brave warriors fought valiantly, they were severely outnumbered.

Instead of being captured, these courageous men chose death. They jumped off a cliff, meeting their deaths.

Upon learning the fate of their fathers, husbands, and sons, the women from the Apache tribe were distraught. Legends say that they cried dark tears of grief night and day. When these tears fell to the ground, they formed into these rounded pebbles known as the apache tears.


Apache Tears Meaning

apache tears meaning

As a healing stone, the apache tears meaning is tied to its sad origins. Some people believe that the gentle and nourishing energy of these stones is sourced from the grief of the mourning women of the Apache tribe.

This can be the reason why apache tears work primarily to overcome grief and trauma.

Emotional Healing

The tranquil nature of apache tears makes it a great stone for emotional cleansing. This is the stone to use when you are feeling grief and emotional distress. As an empathetic stone, it helps you overcome struggles gently and gracefully.

When you are suffering from trauma, it can lead to being in a frozen state. Traumatic experiences can create blockages that can keep you from moving forward. Wearing a piece of apache tears jewelry allows you to clear these blockages, letting you heal from traumatic experiences.

Spiritual & Metaphysical Properties

As a dark-colored stone, apache tears offer protective energy to its wearer. But unlike other protective crystals, this gemstone has much friendlier energy in it. This makes it the perfect stone for dispelling negativity without being exposed to the intense vibrations of black stones.

By wearing apache tears, you can eliminate negative feelings in a soothing way. The stone does this in a way that is not overwhelming to the body.

Apache tears also work with the base or root chakra. This makes it an excellent stone for grounding the physical body to mother earth while in a meditative state.

Physical Benefits

Just like its variants, apache tears are also used to aid in detoxifying the body. It helps remove toxins that may affect your stomach, kidneys, and adrenal glands, as well as strengthening the blood and immune system.

Many believe that this gemstone may also enhance the body’s vitality and strength. Apache tears combine the energies of both earth and fire, giving vigor to anyone who wears the stone.


Why You Should Choose Apache Tears Jewelry

apache tears jewelry

The apache tears obsidian is what you need if you’re looking for a protective stone without the intense energy of black crystals. It is a great healing stone for emotional cleansing, especially for overcoming grief and trauma.

If you’re suffering from the pain of losing someone, get a piece of apache tears jewelry!

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Hi Shanell,

We sincerely hope you get through your hardships soon. Finding someone that you can lean on in these rough times would also help.

May the powers of healing stones guide you!


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I am going through some rough times and hardship in my life and needing enternal and external cleansing and believe this will be good for me.

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