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16 Animals That Bring Good Luck According to Eastern Cultures

Looking to improve your luck this new year? If you are fond of animals or are a big fan of some mythical creatures, this list is for you. Here, we rounded up some animals and mythical creatures that bring good luck according to Eastern cultures.

Discover if your favorite critter can bring you good luck below.


Good Luck Animals

1. Goldfish

Goldfish resemble the movement of healthy chi energy. That’s why they are believed to bring good fortune, according to Feng Shui. There is no definite number of how many goldfish you should keep. But as a general rule, uneven numbers attract positive energy, which you will need to make your wealth grow.
The goldfish is also one of the eight sacred symbols of Buddha. Aside from being one of the animals that symbolize wealth, the goldfish also represents fertility and harmony.


2. Horse

Horses have symbolized power, success, freedom, and speed throughout the years. According to Feng Shui, displaying a painting or sculpture of horses can bring in the strength and energy of these majestic creatures. Displays depicting eight horses are said to attract prosperity at home. Nine horses symbolize long-lasting success and ensure the completion of a project.


3. Elephant

Elephants are a famous good luck symbol in many cultures, particularly in Buddhism and Hinduism. The large critter is seen as the manifestation of Buddha himself on Earth. It symbolizes mental strength, wisdom, and stability. It is also related to some of the most powerful Hindu Gods like Ganesh, the god with an elephant head.

In Feng Shui, elephant symbols attract positive energies for protection, wisdom, fertility, and good luck.

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4. Cat

Have you ever seen a waving cat figurine in an Asian restaurant or store? It’s called the Maneki Neko, aka the “beckoning cat.” Cats are one of the lucky animals in Japan, and the Maneki Neko is said to attract good fortune to its owners. It also serves as protection to your business.


5. Pig

It’s surprising, but pigs serve as good luck symbols for business in many countries in the world. Pigs are always well-fed since birth, and this is why it is considered a symbol of good fortune in Chinese culture. If you ever wondered why people use piggy banks, it’s because pigs represent wealth since the Middle Ages. Every time you feed the piggy bank some coins, you are also making efforts to attain a prosperous future.


6. Rabbit

Rabbits are an auspicious sign in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese cultures. There are similar legends in those three countries, telling that a rabbit lives on the moon. Ancient Chinese people believe a rabbit lives with a goddess on the moon. The rabbit is said to make medicine by grinding herb using a mortar and pestle. This act is believed to bring good luck to the people on Earth.


7. Frog

Frogs are associated with rain. Rain makes the crops grow, that’s why many cultures perceive frogs as powerful good luck symbols. In Japanese beliefs, frogs are said to protect you on your journey. In Chinese culture, frogs are known as a harbinger of prosperity, especially the three-legged money frog. Legend has it that a three-legged frog brought golden coins to the immortal Liu Haichan after the latter saved the critter from a well.


8. Tiger

Tiger is an ancient Chinese symbol that wards off evil forces. It’s a symbol of protection that drives negative energy away. This animal is also associated with Tsai Shen Yeh, the Chinese God of Wealth. The said god is often depicted sitting on a tiger. Hence, this critter is also a symbol of wealth and prosperity.


9. Deer

The deer is known for its endurance and long life. That is why it is considered as a sign of longevity and luck in Eastern culture. The deer is called “lu” in Chinese, which is a homonym for “income.” So, this critter also symbolizes a prosperous long life. Also, it is a symbol of a long and successful career.


10. Bat

Bats, like the deer, are also a symbol of longevity. It is an auspicious sign that represents happiness. In Chinese, the word bat, which translates to “fook,” also means prosperity. That makes bats as one of those animals that symbolize wealth.


Good Luck Mythical Creatures

11. Dragon

Ancient Chinese culture perceives the dragon as a symbol of power, prosperity, and luck. It is believed that the ancient emperors of China were direct descendants of the dragon. And until today, this mythical creature is still revered by the Chinese people. This is evident in the number of spiritual charms and Feng Shui figurines that are said to attract luck to its owners.

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12. Phoenix

Legends tell that when the Phoenix nears the end of its life, the bird sets itself on fire. It then rises from the ashes, making the phoenix a symbol of rebirth in many cultures. This firebird of the sun also embodies grace, power, and virtue.
In Feng Shui, the phoenix is often paired with the dragon. Together, they represent a balance of yin and yang. This makes the two mythical creatures one of the most powerful good luck charms for attracting marital luck. Read more about the mythological significance of the Phoenix bird, often also called the Fenghuang bird, here.


13. Unicorn

The unicorn is both popular in Western and Eastern parts of the world. But in Chinese culture, the unicorn is often compared to the Qilin, one of the country’s sacred beasts. The appearance of the Qilin is said to be an auspicious sign, but it would only present itself during the reign of a good ruler. Some stories also tell that the Qilin shows up before the birth or death of a sage, such as Confucius’.


14. Dragon Turtle

The dragon turtle is known for having the head of a dragon and the body of a turtle. It stands on a bed of coins and ingots, with several baby dragon turtles on its back. The energy of the dragon represents auspiciousness, courage, and good luck. The turtle is associated with longevity, protection, and stability. When combined, this mythical creature becomes a Feng Shui cure for lasting wealth.


15. Pixiu

The Pixiu is depicted as a mythical creature with the head of a dragon, body of a horse, claws of a lion, and the horn of a deer. It symbolizes protection over vast wealth. In Chinese lore, the Pixiu was believed to eat all gold, silver, and treasures that it can find. When the Jade Emperor decided to seal its anus, all the treasures were locked inside its body. This led to some beliefs that the Pixiu won’t allow wealth to leave one’s home.

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16. Fu Dogs

The Fu Dogs, aka Lion Dogs, are mythical creatures tasked to guard the palace against thieves. This part lion, part dog duo, serves as protector of wealth in some cultures. In Japan, these good luck symbols are known as Komainu. In China, they are referred to as Shi, which means lion.

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