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A feng shui bracelet for health is worn to improve your life’s health area.

In feng shui culture, it is believed that life is made up of nine specific areas. These life areas include wealth, fame, relationships, family, health, children & creativity, knowledge, career, and helpful people.

By wearing a feng shui bracelet, you can attract certain types of energy into these areas to improve your experiences in life.

If you want to invite the energy to enhance your health area, you’ve come to the right place. Here, discover the best feng shui bracelets for health you can wear this year according to our feng shui 2021 guide.


7 Chakra Stone Bracelet

feng shui bracelet for health

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Since ancient times, people believe that crystals contain concentrated energy that inspires healing. This energy is said to resonate with our body’s own energy. When you get exposed to a specific gemstone, it is thought to cause vibrations that affect the flow of energy in your body.

The 7 chakra stone bracelet in particular aid in clearing blockages in the main energy points of our bodies. Made of seven different stones, this accessory resonates with all seven major chakra points to encourage a free flow of energy. This helps those who suffer from physical, emotional, and spiritual issues.


Jade Bracelet

feng shui bracelet for health

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In Chinese culture, jade is known for its nourishing, light, and sweet energy. Thanks to this energy, many found the stone to be soothing and purifying. Thus, it became a popular stone for healing.

The gentle energy of jade also promotes harmony and balance to those who own it. It is said to create a serene feeling that makes you feel being nurtured. Also, a green jadestone helps too in filling the energy gap brought by the prevailing zodiac and element of the year.


Buddha Bracelet

feng shui bracelet for health

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Buddha is a symbol of many good things in the feng shui tradition. These include longevity and good health. Carrying the image of Buddha is believed to attract nourishing energy that inspires healing.

The buddha symbol also offers protection against illnesses and enhances your well-being. That’s why a Buddha bracelet makes for a potent feng shui bracelet for health in 2021.


Wu Lou Bracelet

feng shui bracelet for health

Buy Wu Lou Bracelet

The Wu Lou, or Chinese gourd, is a timeless feng shui cure for good health. It is traditionally used to cure the “Illness Star” and “Bad Luck Star.” Known as the “giver of life,” this symbol is said to prevent you from becoming sick due to the negative energies of the flying stars.

When worn as a bracelet, it serves as a potent charm to promote and enhance your health. A metal gourd is also especially lucky in the Metal Ox thanks to the ruling element of the year.



Wear your health bracelet on your receiving hand. Feng shui beliefs tell that our non-dominant hand is the receptive side of the body. This means it is the hand that absorbs the energy of the feng shui bracelet.



If you want to improve your health and remain in good shape in 2021, the feng shui bracelets above may just do the trick.

However, don’t just rely on such charms to become healthy. Feng shui bracelets for health are, by no means, an alternative to modern medical practices.

Good feng shui teaches us that these cures will only work when you exert the needed effort to achieve what you desire. So, it’s still best to take good care of your body while these health bracelets aid you in their own way.

Want to discover more feng shui bracelets for wealth, good luck, love, and more? Check out our 10 Best Feng Shui Bracelets to Wear This 2021 guide as well!

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